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Call for Nominations for 2017 DAANA BoD                                                               

Dear Member,

A new year is about to dawn reminding us that it’s time to bid farewell to the current BoD. On this note, we look forward to electing a new group of Rajans to carry out the duties and responsibilities of DAANA in 2017. We seek dedicated and devoted individuals to represent our group of Rajans in North America.

Every Rajan has a sense of gratitude towards his alma mater for laying a solid foundation for his success both in the professional life as well as the personal. This is a great opportunity to give back to our school and take the leadership in helping many other young boys who might be where we were once or perhaps in less fortunate situations. It is also a chance to further the name of our beloved school beyond Sri Lanka and strengthen ties with our brotherhood living all over the world. As someone residing outside of our home country, Representing DAANA could be the best way to serve Dharmaraja at this point in your life. Maybe you know someone who would fit these criteria and consider nominating them for the BoD.

With the help of the outgoing BoD the new committee will have a smooth transition into their positions. DAANA by now has established several standard events that it organizes and carries out annually. Therefore, the necessary infrastructure has already been established and other resources are readily available. The new office bearers will have no trouble assimilating into their roles and building upon what the previous committees have devised.

For everything Dharmaraja has been and continues to be to you, you could be appreciative and grateful!

Please send your nominations to oldrajans@dharmaraja-na.org or reply to this email by December 31st, 2017.


Nomination Guidlines:

  •  Any DAANA member can nominate themselves and/or others (there is no limit to how many you can nominate).
  •  Nominees are required from both US and Canada and preferably other countries/territories that where our members reside. 
Important Dates:
  • Nominations are accepted until midnight (CST), December 31st, 2016.
  • Nominees can accept the nominations from January 1st to January 6th, 2017.
  • If necessary (if there are more than 7 nominees), an election will be held during the second week of January, 2017.
  • The new BoD will be announced on 10th January, 2017.


Date : 25th-December-2016

Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America

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