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  DAANA Scholarship Program 2016                                                                          

Dear Member,

We are happy to inform you that the much awaited DAANA scholarship program is ready to be launch for the year 2016. It is by far the most important project in the DAANA calendar that has touched the lives of many young Rajans since 2009.

We have selected 52 students for this year’s program and they will receive scholarships worth $100.00 each (see below table). Excellent academic records, achievements/ participation in sports/other extra curricular activities and the financial status of the family were considered as the selection criteria for scholarships.

In addition, we offered scholarships to 4 Old Rajans who are pursuing their higher studies at the medical faculty of the University of Peradeniya and the University of Colombo.

You are welcome to sponsor more than one student. Also, you can join hands with several others to share a single scholarship.

If you wish to be a part of this worthy cause,

Please send the following information to oldrajans@dharmaraja-na.org at your earliest convenience. 
  1. Name of the sponsor (if you wish to share a scholarship, please list all the contributors)
  2. Name of the student/students you wish to sponsor (please pick from the table given below)
  3. Name of the scholarship (if you intend to award the scholarship in memory of someone)

Please pay online using the secured and dedicated DAANA paypal link OR make a cheque payable to DAANA and mail to:

Dharamaraja Alumni Association of North America 
7909 James Avenue,
Ellicott City,
MD 21043.

We appreciate the help of Dr. Shyaminda Basnayake for coordinating/reviewing this year’s application process. We are also thankful to Mrs. Tamara Marapane for her continuous support to DAANA scholarship program. 

All contributions are considered as a tax-free donation. Follow the links below for event information. Please forward us your comments, suggestions and feedback to oldrajans@dharmaraja-na.org.


Date : 13th-November-2016

Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America

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