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 Musical Instruments Donation to Dharmaraja College & OBU Get-together 


Dear Member,


Musical Instrument Donation to Dharmaraja College

Last year, DAANA received a request from Dharmaraja College to provide financial support to obtain necessary musical instruments for the college music classes. We are happy to state that many of DAANA members donated eagerly in order to help grant the request made by our Alma Mater. In addition, the DAANA DC Chapter organized a fund raising event on December 6h, 2015 to further contribute towards this feat. DAANA President Sanjeewa Gamagedara visited DRCK and coordinated this musical instruments donation. We were able to donate music instruments worth of Rs.200,000. The principal, music teachers, and the students  convey their heartfelt appreciation to DAANA.  The DAANA BOD would like to thank our members who contributed towards this worthy cause.


Dharmaraja College OBU “All Groups” Get-together

Dharmaraja College Old Boys Union in Kandy organized a get together of all old boys groups on June 25th at Oak Ray Hotel, Kandy. Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers of 32 Old boys groups of DRCK participated in this occasion. Its main objectives were to update one another on their current and past activities and network among the different old boys groups. Mr. A.P. Gunaratne and principal Mr. S. M. Keerthiratne participated in this event as well. DAANA president Sanjeewa Gamagedara who also participated the event delivered a presentation titled “DAANA: Past, Present & Future”. 


The Principal of Dharmaraja College, Kandy, Mr. S.M. Keerthiratne was appointed as the principal of the Ananda College

The Principal of Dharmaraja College, Kandy, Mr. S.M. Keerthiratne was appointed as the principal of the Ananda College, Colombo. DAANA would like to thank him for the 16 years of dedicated service to the college and wish him the best is his future endeavors.


Request for Articles for DAANA Digital Pencil (Reminder)                                                                                  


DAANA is planning to put together the next issue of its community magazine "Digital Pencil" and would like to invite our members to contribute with articles.

Suggestions for articles are as follows (but not limited to):

  • Historical essays on Dharmaraja: Founding of Dharmaraja, historical events, anecdotes heard from elders.
  • Legacy of Dharmaraja: the impact of Dharmaraja on Sri Lanka, on the education, arts, sports, and culture in general.
  • Articles on key contributors to Dharmaraja and its legacy: Former principals, teachers, prominent alumni and their impact. Biographies and interviews of such great personalities.
  • Esseys, stories about your experiences while at Dharmaraja and how these experiences affected you.
  • Literary articles, stories, poems, paintings, cartoons.
  • Articles on education, culture and society in general.
  • Science articles.
  • Sports articles: contemporary or historical in nature.


Deepest Sympathies:

We want to express our deepest condolences on the demise of former teacher, Mrs. Rathnakele.
She is the beloved mother of an old boy and the current head of the college science section Mr. Upula Rathnakele.


Date : 5th-September-2016

Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America

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