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 DAANA Annual Plan for 2016                                                                                      
Dear Member,

DAANA was started in 2009 with a mission to promote networking and brotherhood among the old Rajans in North America and to improve educational, social, cultural activities and infrastructure at Dharmaraja College, Kandy. After seven years, DAANA has grown into its present state, with its own rich traditions, because of the dedication, motivation, and enthusiasm shown by our alumni each year. As the new BOD we are planning to continue the same traditions to fulfill the mission of DAANA. We are open to creative ideas, thoughts and suggestions. So please feel free to share them with DAANA at oldrajans.na@gmail.com. Herewith, we share our annual plan for 2016.

“Thala” - Dances of Sri Lanka by Channa-Upuli Performing Arts Foundation:

Thala – Dances of Sri Lanka will be presented by DAANA – Texas Chapter and it will be on April 22nd, Friday 8.00 pm at Miller Outdoor Theatre, 6000 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, Texas 77030. “Thala” is a dance program that showcases a modern depiction of Sri Lanka’s traditional dance forms directed by Channa Wijewardena. You can find more details about it here.    


It’s time to meet our fellow brothers again! The annual AGM of DAANA is expected to be held in Houston, TX this April. The current plan is to have the AGM on the weekend right after the “Thala” - Dances of Sri Lanka event. However the exact date, time, and place will be informed soon. As usual, you are always welcome to provide suggestions and ideas on this event.

DC Rugby Sevens Tournament:

Sri Lanka Schools Flag Rugby Tournament will be held on the Memorial Day weekend in Washington DC. To continue the tradition, DC Rajans will field a team this year too .It will be great if you can participate in this fun filled event and cheer along our team.

Webinar Series:

Webinars will be conducted focusing young RAJANS who are in the hunt for knowledge. This will also help strengthen the connection between them and DAANA. Let us know if you would like to give a talk or if you know someone who is willing to give a talk.

Music Equipment for School Music Room:

Let’s help RAJANS shine in the musical arena. There are many talented little RAJANS who can amaze the world with their unique skills in music. Providing new and improved musical instruments will be a great advantage to them as well as for the school. The 2015 BOD started this task last year, and we are planning to complete it.

Nutritional Supplements for Rajans Rugby Team:

Once more, it’s time to help and encourage the Rajans rugby team to roar in Sri Lankan rugby championships. Nutritional supplements necessary for the players will be provided targeting the next rugby season. Let’s join together to support the Rajans Rugby Team.

Chapter Get-togethers:

As usual, DAANA members would gather as chapters to have exhilarating get-togethers as we have seen in the past. Together, Rajans are capable of conquering the world for the best. We invite all the chapters to proudly host a chapter event and share the excitement with DAANA community.

DAANA Scholarships Program:

With the help of DAANA members and other Sri Lankans in North America, we would like to expand the scholarship program this year. The ultimate goal of this program is to support the bright young Rajans who are in financial need. The scholarship program is one of the major strengths of DAANA; we expect your fullest support in this worthy cause as in the past.

DAANA Digital Pencil Magazine:

The digital pencil is the DAANA’s annual community magazine started in 2009. It was discontinued after two annual publications. We’ll form an editorial board and start collecting articles soon for the next issue of the Digital Pencil. We are looking for articles, features, stories, poems, pictures, biographies and humorous pieces of work (DRCK related) from members. Please try your best to contribute to the magazine and make it a success.

RAJANS ENDEAVOUR – Himalayan Expedition 2016:

The  Rover Scouts of Dharmaraja College has organized a Himalayan Expedition in order to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of “Rajans Himalayan Expedition” as well as  in memory of late Mr. Ajith Jayasekara, the pioneer of Sri Lankan Himalayan exploration feat.  He was a great Rajan who rendered an immense service to the scout movement of Sri Lanka. Scouts of DRCK requested the help from DAANA and we are planning to help them as we did in the past.

None of these activities will be successful without the support from our members. We anticipate your fullest support this year as well.

Thank you,



Date : 14th-February-2016

Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America

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