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Proud to be part of Rajans Rugby 2017

  Proud to be part of Rajans Rugby 2017                                                                            
Dear Member,

As most of you are aware of, “Rajans Rugby has commenced 2017 season in February with great spirit and fortitude to bring the trophy back to Lake View to make our alma mater proud again.  This year’s team is gifted with many talented players and a pool of very resourceful mentors who have vision and strategies to go all the way to the finish line.


Our struggles and difficulties are no secret to our fellow Rajans. While other schools have been fortunate enough to accommodate every need of their young talents, our young lads could only dream of such facilities and luxuries. Yet, they show up in practice sessions everyday keeping their heads high, with the sheer courage and determination to display the true spirit behind the colors of maroon and blue, by playing the game they love as hard as they can to make Rajans proud again. 


While they are battling to get to the finish line, it is our duty to ease up some of the burden from our young Rajans anyway we can. It has been estimated total cost for the season is Rs 45 laks. ($30,405).  This includes coaches’ salaries, Jerseys, equipment, nutrients, transportation, accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses. ORFFA has launched a campaign called a day or half day sponsorship to cover these expenses based on the total cost. Therefore, we are looking at a projected sponsorship cost of  Rs 12500/day or Rs 6259/ half-day (US $ 90 or US $ 45).  


We are certain that you want to be a part of this worthy effort. DAANA has set up a goal to ease up their financial burden for at least 20+ days.  We’ll accept any amount to reach this target.  You can make your donations online or by sending a check payable to DAANA (Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America) to the address below.

Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America

7909 James Avenue

Ellicott City

MD 21043, USA

Our preferred method of payment is online. ( Its a secured payment gateway and PayPal enabled). 

Please click on Rajans Rugby to make your online donations.

Note: DAANA is a registered charity in USA under section 501(C)3 and Your donations are US tax-exempted.


Thank you,



Date : 24th-March-2017

Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America

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