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  DAANA AGM & Get-Together 2016                                                                          

DAANA 2016 AGM & Get-Together

DAANA 2016 Annual General Meeting and Get-Together was held in Houston, Texas on 23rd of April. The event had an attendance of more than 35 members, including family and friends making it a huge success. The event took place at the Shahnai Restaurant in Houston. The event started with the welcome speech by the president and an informal introduction of the members. The president of DAANA for 2016, Sanjeewa Gamagedara welcomed the gathering by presenting "DAANA Remember, Refresh & Reconnect". Then Ranil Banneyake gave a valuable speech about “P. B. Elangasinha Rate Mahathmaya” and his connection to Dharmaraja College and the first Sri Lankan National anthem. Sanka Tennakoon updated the members about current fund raising efforts and DAANA scholarship program. Then members had a discussion about the future direction and projects of DAANA. Finally the vote of thanks was given by Sanka Tennakoon, the Treasurer of DAANA. The event was then followed by Lunch, DJ and, and the get together with the Houston Sri Lankan community and Thaala team.









“Thala” - Drums and Dances of Sri Lanka

Sanka Tennakoon with the support of other DAANA members and other Sri Lankans in Houston, organized the “Thala” dance program that showcased a modern depiction of Sri Lanka’s traditional dance forms directed by Channa Wijewardena. The event was held at the Houston’s Miller Outdoor Theatre on April 22, 2016 and this was funded in part by the City of Houston through the Miller Theatre Advisory Board. It was a great success and was widely attended by both Sri Lankans and others.





 Alms Giving Ceremony by DAANA New York Chapter


The DAANA New York chapter organized a dana (almsgiving) ceremony at the Queens Temple on the 4th of June 2016. They would like to cordially invite all DAANA NY members and their families and friends to participate in this event.

Date & Time: June 4th, 2016. 10:30am - 2:00pm 



New York Buddhist Vihara  

214-22 Spencer Avenue, Queens Village, NY 11427-1821

Directions: https://goo.gl/1T0FHu 



Deepest Sympathies:


We want to express our deepest condolences on behalf of the unexpected demise of Old Rajan, Chaminda Wicramasinghe (93 O/L, 96 A/L Batch). Chaminda was a bright student and a gifted athlete in his college days. He went onto represent school cricket at all levels and finally he became the 1997 1st  XI cricket captain.  Even after his school days he played cricket for Rajans OBA.  Chaminda was a dedicated father/son and a brother to his family. He is survived by his expecting wife, 4 year old son,1 year old daughter and his 82 year old father. His family is in dire need of financial support. Chaminda’s family will appreciate any support that you can extend to ease their pain. After all, he’s a Rajan and he’ll always be a Rajan.


Please use our PayPal link if you would like to help Chaminda’s family.



Date : 20th-May-2016

Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America

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