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Annual General Meeting & Get-Together 2016  -  Channa and Upuli's "Thala" Dance Program                                                               

Dear Member,

Finally, it’s the time for the grandest event of the year that you have been waiting for!

It’s the time to catch up on old times, share good memories, and renew bonds with fellow Ranjans. All in all, it’s time for the DAANA AGM and Annual Get-Together.

The DAANA AGM and Annual Get-Together will be held on Saturday 23rd of April 2016 in Houston, Texas. DAANA cordially invites all members to attend the AGM and make this event a success.

This year, you have all the more reason to visit Houston on the weekend of 23rd and 24th with your family! You’ll be entertained by Channa and Upuli's "Thala" dance program on the eve of the AGM 2016, made possible by DAANA and the Sri Lankans in Houston.


Date and Time



Friday 22nd  of April, 7:30 pm

Channa and Upuli's "Thala" Dance Program


Miller Outdoor Theatre in Houston


Saturday 23rd of April, 10:00 am

DAANA AGM & Get-Together

5920-D, Hillcroft St, 
Houston, TX 77036​

Please RSVP on the DAANA AGM and Get-Together at the Facebook Event. Feel free to share your concerns or suggestions on these events at oldrajans@dharmaraja-na.org.

Pricing of DAANA AGM & Get-Together tickets.

 - Members / Spouse / Guest (55 USD)

- Student / Adult Child (35 USD)

- Kids between 3 yrs to 7 yrs (20 USD)

- Kids below 3 yrs (Free)

Please share this message with fellow Rajans in North America.

Hope to see you all at the AGM!


Want to know more about Channa and Upuli's "Thala" Dance Program?

PLEASE watch the promotional video ”Thala”-Dances and drums of Sri Lanka-April22, 2016

You are invited to participate with personal contribution levels between $40 - $100 for adults, and $20 for kids between the ages 6-18 years as well as college students and show your support. As an appreciation for your contribution, you will receive an invitation for the show with exclusive reserved seating at each of these sponsor levels.

Since our aim is to showcase what Sri Lanka has to offer to the world, we encourage you to promote this great event among your friends, colleagues at work, and neighbors, and invite them to join us. Please contact our team if you wish to obtain invitations for those who 
wish to attend.

For details, please contact the following Old Rajans:

Suren Lewkebandara (tlewkebandara@gmail.com, 281-235-5214)

Sanka Tennakoon (sankatennakoon@yahoo.com, 714-417-6753)

Asanka Samaraweera (samare@gmail.com, 713-598-1263)

 Together, we can accomplish anything and thrust DAANA to greater heights!

Rajans Endeavour – Himalayan Expedition 2016                                                                                                                                          

As we mentioned in our DAANA Newsletter Volume 8:Issue 3 on Rajans Endeavour – Himalayan Expedition 2016Rajans scouts will start their journey on 24th March 2016, to rewrite history again by reaching the “Island Peak” of Himalayas as the first team to reach the Highest Altitude ever reached by a Sri Lankan team and set a new record! 

We appreciate the generous support of DAANA members who have already helped with donations to make this adventure a success! The total estimated cost for this expedition is around Rs.3,500,000. Please check /https://www.facebook.com/rajansendeavour/ for more details. Even a small contribution from you will be a great support for this event.

If you would like to be a part of this adventure by contributing to this history-making event, please do so by making your donations online through the secured payment gateway (PayPal enabled).  http://www.dharmaraja-na.org/HelpDAANA.aspx

Note: DAANA is a registered charity in USA under section 501(C) 3 and Your donations are US tax-exempted.


Date : 21st-March-2016

Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America

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