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DAANA Newsletter Vol6_Issue11 - Formation of NY, NJ & CT Tri State Chapter

On the 26th of last July, DAANA was able to add another Jewel in to its crown with the formation of long awaited New York Chapter. Around 12 Rajans and their families gathered to Oakland New Jersey to celebrate this event in grand style.

Ironically, picturesque Oakland is located barely 30 miles away from the home town of the founder of Dharmaraja Col Henry Steel Olcott.

As it is customary for all DAANA get togethers, there was plenty of great food. In fact, NY Rajans have taken this tradition a step further - by having their own professionally qualified ‘Rajans chef’ on site. The event started by singing the College song. Then the chapter was ceremonially opened by cutting a cake by the youngest and oldest Rajan present Niluksha Walalawela and Hemantha Ratnayake. This cake itself had a special significance as it was designed as a replica of Rajan’s Badge.

After the formation of the chapter Ama Jeewandara and Naveen Dharmagunawardhane were elected as the president and coordinator of the chapter respectively. The members of the chapter emphasized their desire to engage in numerous outreach activities to help Dharmaraja. They were also very keen to interact with other chapters at social events.  The party went way beyond mid night and the group adjourned with the promise of meeting their new friends soon at yet another fun filled get-together.

Seated left to right :Thushara Diyabalanage, Hemantha Rathnayake, Dimuthu Jayawickrama, Waruna Sri Danapala
Standing left to right : Ama Jeewandara, Geeth Uyanwatte, Niluksha Walalawela, Nuwan Narampanawe, Wimal Ariyawansa, Sanjeewa Herath, Naveen Dharmagunawardhane

Picture of families of the members

DAANA would like to thank the former DAANA president and longtime DAANA supporter Thushara Diyabalanage for taking the initiative and making this event a success. 

We are one more chapter strong now!!

Let us march with Rajans along the superior way !!

Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America

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Date : 15/Sep/2014

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