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newsletter_v5_i10 - 2013 Scholarships Update

We are extremely pleased to announce that all students have found sponsors and the 2013 DAANA Scholarship Program is now CLOSED.
The school is in the process of organizing the award ceremony and will be held in mid June 2013.
DAANA really appreciate EVERYONE who helped the Scholarship Program over the years since it's inception in 2009.
Special thanks to Dr. Keerthi de Silva, the single largest contributor to the DAANA Scholarship Program for 3 years in a row.

2013 DAANA Scholarship Winners:  
    Num             Name of Student                                         Comments                      Sponsor               Schol. Name     
                           Grade 12 ($100)           (A/L)                                                                                                                   
 A091  Pamod Heshan Liyanagedara  2014  Excellent academic record, soccer, hockey  Sanka Tennakoon  
 A092  Dinuka Hettiarachchi  2014  Good academic record, music  Dr. Ashoka Polpitiya  
 A093  Kasun Sanjaya Thalgaskotuwa  2014  Good academic record, essays, athletics, rugby, soccer, baseball  Hemaka Mendis  
 A094  Bharatha Madusanka Rankothge  2014  Excellent academic record, math competitions  Dr. Sarith Mahanama  In Memory of Mr. Nissanka Mahanama (former teacher)
 A095  Samitha Dilushan Chandrasena  2014  Good academic record  Kaushalya Siriwardena  Kamal Siriwardena scholarship (former teacher)
 A096  Prasanna Madusanka Liyanage  2014  Good academic record, junior prefect, athletics  Dr. Nishantha Bandara  
 A097  Gamini Bandara Dissanayake  2014  Excellent academic record, literature  Dr. Thushara Diyabalanage  
 A098  Jayanaka Helanjith Ranaraja  2014  Excellent academic record, literature, chess  Ranil Banneyake  P.B. Elangasinha** Rate Mahathmaya Memorial Prize
 A099  Tharindu Piumantha Premarathna  2014  Excellent academic record, music literature  Buddhika Bandaranayake  In memory of Mr. AW Bandaranayake
                       Grade 10 ($100)             (O/L)                                                                                                                   
 A100  Kalana Sandatharaka Lokuliyanage  2013  Excellent academic record, oratory, junior prefect, rugby, athletics  Bandula Ranasinghe  
 A101  Ravindu Nishaditha Manawasinghe  2013  Excellent academic record, oratory, junior prefect, rugby, table tennis  Hiran De Silva  
 A102  Achintha Rupanayake  2013  Good academic record, athletics, cricket  Dr. Sanath R. Wijerathna  In memory of Gamini Wijerathna
 A103  Sathruwan Virajitha Laksisi  2013  Excellent academic record, drama, athletics, cricket, rugby  Dr.Keerthi De Silva  
 A104  Dinith Supun Bandara  2013  Good academic record  Dr. Keerthi De Silva  
 A105  Viraj Hapuvita  2013  Excellent academic record, junior prefect, athletics, rugby  Dr. Keerthi De Silva  
 A106  Ravindu Indunil Senevirathna  2013  Good academic record, hockey, rugby, soccer  Dr. Keerthi De Silva  
 A107  Gayan Nadeesha Marasinghe  2013  Excelent academic record, scouting, music, chess  Dr. Keerthi De Silva  
                  Undergraduate ($225)                                                                                                                                        
  A108*** Yumal Chathuranga Kuruppu   Colombo Medical Faculty - GCE (A/L) 2013 Results District 1stDr. Suren & Asanka Lewkebandara; Dr. Gayani & Thusitha Silva;  Saman & Sugi Perera 
                        Sports ($50)                   Class                                                                                                                
 S011  Thilina E. Wijesinghe  13  Rugby  Dantha Chanakya  
 S012  Rochana Hettiarchchi  13  Rugby  Dr. Sanjeewa Gamagedera  In Memory of Mr. B.H. Dole (a Math teacher, Assistant Principal, Cricket M.I, at DRCK)
 S013  Buwaneka Udangamuwa  13  Rugby  Dr. Sanjeewa Gamagedera  
 S014  A.D. Ekanayake  11  Hockey  Rajitha Siriwardena  
 S015  AHGRI Rajapaksha  11  Cricket  Rajitha Siriwardena
 S016  AKAAM Rupanayake  10  Athletics Dr. Dimuthu Jayawickrama  
                       Grade 9 ($10)                                                                                                                                           
   Malith Lakshitha Perera       Dr. Nishantha Bandara  
   Tharindu LB Rathnayake       Dr. Nishantha Bandara  
   Pituwala Liyanage Menusha Hasaranga       Dr. Nishantha Bandara  
   Thiraj Shanika       Dr. Nishantha Bandara  
   Kalana Madushanka Wickramarachchi       Dr. Nishantha Bandara  
   Lahiru Bimantha Rathnaweera       Dr. Nishantha Bandara  
   Chanaka Kavinda Amarakoon       Dr. Nishantha Bandara  
   Pasindu Madushan Handagama       Dr. Nishantha Bandara  
** PB Elangasinghe is the composer of the College Song "Sri Lanka Janatha Gama Gami"  
*** Yumal's scholarship was actually awarded later on Nov 30th 2013. We updated this table later for the completeness of 2013 Scholarship Program for future reference - Kaushalya S.(1/2/2014) 

Thank you. 
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