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Dear Rajan,

Update on DAANA Scholarships 2012

We have short listed 30 students based on their academic merit and financial need (list below). We have also listed 5 students solely based on extra-curricular activities (last five in the list below). We noticed that the quality of the applications from students has significantly increased this year and all the following students we short listed, have maintained excellent academic standing and many are involved in extra curricular activities. 

You are welcome to sponsor more than one student. Also you can join hands with several others to share a single scholarship. Each scholarship will be $100 for the year and the student will receive Rs 1000/= a month. Five scholarships will be awarded solely based on extra-curricular activities each worth of $50.

If you wish to be a part of this worthy cause, please reply to this email or contact us at oldrajans@dharmaraja-na.org at your earliest convenience. We plan on sending the first scholarship payment to students in March.

So far, DAANA has offered 59 academic and 5 extra-curricular scholarships.


This year, up to date, we have following sponsors for the DAANA scholarship program,
  1. Dr Keerthi De Silva (five students)
  2. Sarith Mahanama
  3. Ashoka Polpitiya
  4. Kaushalya Siriwardena
  5. Kosala Samaraweera
  6. Sandun Kuruppu
  7. Asanka Samaraweera
  8. Sanka Tennakoon
  9. Bandula Ranasinghe
  10. Dimuthu Jayawickrama
We thank those who already offered sponsorships for this years' scholarship drive. We are still looking for few more sponsorships so that we can soon wrap up this years' program.
If you are interested;
Please contact the DAANA Board of Directors (oldrajans@dharmaraja-na.org) if you are seeking an opportunity to help a needy Sri Lankan student.

More information: http://www.dharmaraja-na.org/Projects/Scholarships.aspx

See one past recipient's message here.

Thank you.
Dharmaraja Alumni Assoication of North America
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