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December 31, 2010
Dear Old Rajans in North America,
This newsletter is brought to you by DAANA, exclusively on two cricket macthes played by old Rajans in North America.

 Dharmaraja vs. St. Thomas Matale in Ontario, Canada 


Kalika in action

On the invitation of the St Thomas' College, Matale, Alumni Canada, DAANA ON Chapter played a friendly Cricket match on August 28th. The bowling, batting and fielding expertise of the Rajan cricketers Romesh, Kavinda, Kalika, Prasanna, Rajith & Senaka were clearly evident and brought back fond memories of the days at DRCK.

The STC Team gave the Rajans a hearty reception. A crowd of old boys from both schools and their families assembled to cheer their respective sides. The STC won the toss. The Rajan players took their position in the field. Once the batting began it was a sight to behold what with the pot bellied players running helter skelter (as the photos show!). With their fours and sixes, the Rajans were quite a formidable team to defeat but the STC team did, and was declared the winners.

End of Senaka's inning

Players and spectators

You can find more pictures of the cricket match here 

 Rajans Cricket Spirit in Washington DC, USA

The excitement generated by taking part in Washington DC Ruby tournament in last March, enticed us to field a team representing Old Rajans at the 20th annual seven-a-side soft ball cricket tournament held in Washington DC in last July. However, getting seven Rajans to play against some of the seasoned campaigners of soft ball cricket in DC suburbs and New York was indeed a Herculean task.
To make the matters worse, it was the height of the summer and the temperature exceeding 100F was simply unbearable even for a midday stroll, leave alone playing competitive cricket. It was also the time that most of our members were away spending summer holidays in Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, four of us in the DAANA DC chapter were determined to make our presence known. Finally, we were able to register an old Rajans team after accommodating 3 non-Rajans to have a playing 7. There were many teams representing leading schools in Sri Lanka such as Trinity, Royal. St Peters and St. Thomas’s college.
Highest score of the tournamant ?
Rajans team would have had the highest score, had the scores been expressed in the form of the added ages of the players of the each team. Yet, we were not short of experience and quality either. Dharmadasa Hettiarachchi (Hetti) one of the key players of the side had represented Dharmaraja in cricket a few years after S.U. Mendis and T.B. Kehelgamauwa. So did Bandu (Bandula Ranasinghe) our team manager, a wicket keeper opening batsmen who had represented Rajans during the same era.
Kaushalya Siriwardane with some experience in hard ball cricket in the UK brought in some agility to this team. Thushara had just started playing cricket after 5 years. It was a daunting task to identify the roles of each player as we have not seen any of us playing before. Therefore, we had a one practice session  a week before the tournament, just to get to know each others skills or lack of it. This turned out to be very smart move. We quickly unearthed the wicket-keeper of the team solely based on his bowling skills since this player was not able to bowl two consecutive legitimate deliveries. Acoording to tournament rules each wide/noball cost 2 runs and an extra ball, and we could not afford to let him bowl as he was certain to bowl us out of the match). Thishan, a Royalist, Raja, Hetti’s younger brother, and Nuwan, a Thomian formed the test of our team.
First Match
When the first match began the morning dew was still on the grass. So we decided to field and were able to restrict the opponents to 46 runs. Though this was a quite achievable target, we lost three wickets in the first over and lost the match despite some heroic effort from Kaushalaya.
The Second
The next match was against the Lanka Lions, a team comprising some youngsters who had been playing cricket during whole summer. They were eagerly looking forward to massacre us and break some records. When we won the toss their captain almost pleaded with us for them to bat first. It's not that easy to outsmart Rajans. We batted first and scored around 30 simply denying that opportunity. They scored it in two overs.
The Third
Third match was against a team from Staten Island, New York. They really seemed to be professionals in tennis ball cricket and were probably the best team out of the three we faced. By this time we have got some practice after playing two matches and were able to restrict them to a modest 42. Perhaps they got completely deceived by our appearance and unpredictability. However as it happened in the first two matches our batting did not click and we were short of about 18 runs.
As a young organization, both Cricket and Rugby tourneys helped build solidarity among members, that
matters more to us than our impact on the tourneys.
DC Chapter Sportsman of the year: Kaushalya Siriwardena (versatile player who was part of both rugby and cricket teams)
DC Chapter Best Cheerleader – Samapriya Wanigasundara: Sama, you are the oasis of the desert after all on field debacles


Dharmaraja Alumni Assoication of North America