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Issue 04 - DAANA Fund Raising and Digital Pencil 2019

Dear Member,


1). Fund Raising 2019


Thank you, all the donors, so far. As you know, DAANA scholarship awards are funded by such sponsors.  Like other years, we hope to fund as many college students as possible. Without your courteous donations, the scholarship program would not make a success. Please follow the paypal links on the right side for Annual/Monthly or AnyAmount support.


2). #DAANA10 Digital Pencil


DAANA BOD is continuously searching for more articles for this one of a kind magazine. Thank you everyone who shared their articles, poems, historical pictures etc. We are not very far from #DAANA10 Digital Pencil issue.


3). Webinar and 2018 scholarship awarding ceremony


Due to the prevailing security concerns the college events including 2018 DAANA scholarship awards and Webinar series were postponed. The BOD is working on rescheduling the events and we will inform the new dates soon.


4). Old Rajan Monks visiting USA


Two old rajan monks (brothers) are currently on a visit in USA. Elder brother is 96 AL Buddika (Ven. Ariyagawesi) and younger is 98 AL Sanka (Ven Santhamanasa). Following is their schedule and contact details.


20th May ~ New York 

22nd May ~ Rochester 

25th May ~ Boston 

30th May ~ Maryland 

05th June ~ Washington DC

10th June ~ Florida/ Alabama 

14th June ~ Houston

19th June ~ Minnesota 

21st June ~ Salt Lake City 

24th June ~ Los Angeles

01st July ~ Return to Sri Lanka 


Ven. Ariyagawesi (Buddhika) and Ven. Santhamanasa (Sanka)  

Contact number  +1 (347) 530-0369

Viber  +94773857453, +94777485470




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5). Meet a Member

BOD would like to introduce a new bulletin to introduce a member. As the very first of series let’s hear from Suresh Marapane.


Suresh Marapane, Ph. D (DRCK 1966-1977):  I must admit, my academic life at DRCK was rather laid back - at upper school, life mainly consists of mischiefs (e.g. wearing bell-bottoms, having long hair, singing in the class,  “cutting “school) that frequently  got the attention of the Principal. My fondest memories of that time were the school bus rides from Pilimatalawa to Kandy. My friends and I would sit in the back of the boys’ school bus and sing popular songs of the time (Clarence, Milton, Victor, etc.) all the way to Kandy. Singing has remained, to this day, one of my favorite activities – checkout YouTube!  I came to USA in 1981 to attend university and earned a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering in 1991. In between, I was an Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering at University of Peradeniya. Currently, I live in Cincinnati, OH and work for Procter & Gamble, the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturer - you may not know the company but I am sure you use our products like Gillette, Pampers, Tide, Pantene, and Olay (ok.. maybe not!). My wife Arundathi and I have three kids: Daham, Sidath, and Samadhi. My youngest will go to college this Fall so we will be empty-nesters beginning this Fall. In our spare time we like to travel, watch movies, eat out, and spend time with family and friends—usually involving more singing! It has been an atypical, but fun, ride from Pilimatalawa to Cincinnati. Life is a journey – don’t let others define your success and there is no single path; make your own. A bit of luck helps, but there is no substitute for hard work and a positive attitude.



6). Mini-Rajan Get-together at Houston


Our friend Kaushalya Siriwardena had an opportunity taste a bit of Texas. Thank you the Houstonian Rajans for sharing the joyous moment with us.




Date: 28th of May 2019 


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