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Issue 03 - Webinars and Digital Pencil

Dear Members,



We hope that your families in Sri Lanka are safe. As Sri Lankans, We are deeply saddened and shattered by these appalling and despicable attacks during the Easter day.

The BOD like to express the condolences to bereaved families and wish for speedy recovery of who hurt.


1). #DAANA10 Fund raising


Thank you, all the monthly and yearly donors so far. Your contribution is important to accomplish our future events. Please stay in touch with the news letters and our Facebook page for future activities.


2). Request for Articles for #DAANA10 Digital Pencil


2019 is an important milestone to DAANA. To commemorate the fruitful 2009-2019 journey, DAANA is planning to revive its community magazine "Digital Pencil" and would like to invite all to contribute with articles. Any Rajan, DAANA members, other Old Rajans across the globe, Family members, Dharmaraja students can contribute to the magazine. Articles can be on any topic that may be of relevance to Rajans and Dharmaraja community in general.


Suggestions for articles are as follows (but not limited to):

  • Historical essays on Dharmaraja: Founding of Dharmaraja, historical events, anecdotes heard from elders.
  • Legacy of Dharmaraja: the impact of Dharmaraja on Sri Lanka, on the education, arts, sports, and culture in general.
  • Articles on key contributors to Dharmaraja and its legacy: Former principals, teachers, prominent alumni and their impact. Biographies and interviews of such great personalities.
  • Essays, stories about your experiences while at Dharmaraja and how these experiences affected you.
  • Literary articles, stories, poems, paintings, cartoons.
  • Articles on education, culture and society in general.
  • Science articles.
  • Sports articles: contemporary or historical in nature.


3). Upcoming Events


  • A Webinar for college students with NASA by Dr. Sarith Mahanama will be held on May/June
  • 2018 DAANA Scholarship award will be held on June at the college premises with the presence of past/current DAANA BOD members, Dr. Sanjeewa Gamagedara and Asanka Samaraweera



4). 2018 Budget




Balance from last year


Balance from paypal (2017) transferred on Jan 8th, 2018


Customer deposit


Amazon smile


Total Income






Sanaka Tennakoon (Scholarship)


Sarith Mahanama (Scholarship)


Shanaka Herath (Pradakshina Medical Camp )


Total Expense




Net balance (Capital One)



Your contributions

As of April


#9 Members


#4 Members


Paypal Total: ~$560

Amazon Total: $79.78






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Date: 28th of Apr 2019 

DAANA: Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America