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We are excited to announce that DAANA is celebrating its 10th anniversary (#DAANA10).

BOD of 2019 would like to thank each and every past BODs and members for their support and dedication for this wonderful accomplishment. You’ll hear more about celebration activities and other events in the future.

STAY TUNED, all DAANA members.

DAANA BOD for 2019 would like to introduce the new delegates for this year. (Bios attached at the end)



We would like to share the following action plan and the goals we have envisioned to accomplish for the year 2019.


DAANA 10th Anniversary Get-together (#DAANA10) - BOD'19 excited to announce DAANA 10th anniversary Celebration! Tentatively in August, stay tuned for more information.

Member drive - Please join us to strengthen DAANA by introducing a fellow Rajan to DAANA.

Website and Social media channels - Refresh and update all media channels of DAANA.

Rugby 7s at Washington DC

Meet a Rajan webinars - Focusing on young Rajans seeking knowledge and opportunities.

Annual Scholarship Program

Digital Pencil,  10th Anniversary Edition

DAANA Annual conference (online)

Chapter events - BOD'19 like to see local chapter events and Rajans gatherings in 2019, let’s plan your chapter event with DAANA!

Action committee to strengthen DAANA - BOD'19 sincerely call for volunteers to improve DAANA; your support, great ideas and constructive comments. Please join by responding to this email or by contacting any BOD member. BOD'19 appreciate volunteers who already extended their support for this felicitous initiative.



BOD is in the process of improve the standards of Scholarship Programs, Newsletters, Finance, Information Technology and many other sections. We thank all the volunteers, who come forward to support in this course.

Following members have been confirmed their participation.

  1. Sarith Mahanama
  2. Ashoka Polpitiya
  3. Sajith Ellepola
  4. Sanka Thennakon
  5. Kaushalya Siriwardana
  6. Rajitha Siriwardana
  7. Kosala Samaraweera
  8. Ranil Banneyake
  9. Thushara Diyabalanage
  10. Sadun Kuruppu
  11. Sanjeewa Gamagedara
  12. Krishanth Ediriweera
  13. Shanaka Herath
  14. Lalith Perera
  15. Ama Geewardana


Biography of new Board of Directors for the year 2019

Dimuthu Jayawickrama (NJ, USA) – President

Dimuthu studied at DRCK from 1970-1982. He was a BOD member of the first DAANA.  He earned a B. Sc. in Chemistry Special from University of Peradeniya and Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Kansas. Then, he worked as a senior lecturer at University of Peradeniya and postdoctoral researcher at University of Illinois (UIUC), USA. He is currently working as a Scientist at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey, USA.

Shamila Wickramsuriya (TX, USA) - Secretary

Shamila attended DRCK from 1990 to 2003. He was a member of Astronomical Society, Science Society, Computer Society, Prefect guild. He was the leader of 2002/2003 Astronomical Quiz team which have won many all island competitions. He also played Cricket for DRCK from u'13 to u'17. He received B.Sc. degree and two M.Sc. degree from University of Peradeniya and University of Texas at Dallas. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at University of Texas at Dallas.

Amila Siriwardhana (MD, USA) - Treasurer

Amila studied at DRCK from 1998 to 2006. After getting B.Sc.degree in Chemistry from University of Peradeniya, he moved to US for the graduate studies. He completed his Ph.D. in Chemistry at Georgetown University in 2017. Currently, he is working as an Account Manager for Leica Microsystems and he live in Virginia.

Asanka Samaraweera (TX, USA) - V. President

Asanka attended DRCK from 1990 to 1998 (grade 6 to A/L) and then University of Peradeniya (BSc in Computer Science Sp.). He is currently living in Houston, Texas and working in the software development industry.

Geeth Uyanwatta (NY, USA) - V. President

Geeth is from 91 A/L commerce batch and participated in cadetting and scouting. He studied in business city university of New York 2004-2006. He was a former BOD member in 2010 and 2013. He is working for hospitality industry in NYC.

Niluksha Walalawela (NY, USA) - A. Secretary

Niluksha attended Dharmaraja College from 1993-2006.  He completed B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from University of Peradeniya and moved to New York for graduate studies. He completed PhD at Graduate Centre, City University of New York. Currently, He is working as a Clinical Research Scientist (Analytical) at QLS, Inc.

Manujaya Senadheera (NL, CN) - Activity Director

Manujaya completed both B.Sc. in Statistics and Operations Research, and M.Sc. in Statistics at University of Peradeniya. He obtained M.Sc. in statistics at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. He worked as HR & Project Manager, Aquapower supporting Services, Peradeniya and Executive-Environment and Sustainability, MAS Holdings Pallekele. Currently, he is working as a Research Assistant at Memorial University of Newfoundland.                                                  

Wijayantha Asanga Perera (TX, USA) - Media director

Wijayantha is from 2003 A/L batch. He obtained his undergraduate degree from University of Peradeniya, Science faculty and he obtained his master’s degree in Nano science and Nanotechnology from Postgraduate institute of science, Peradeniya. Then he moved to USA to pursue his Phd in Chemistry. Currently he is working at University of North Texas as an instructional lab coordinator/ lecturer in chemistry department.



Date: 21st January 2019

DAANADharmaraja Alumni Association of North America