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DAANA AGM and Other Updates

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  DAANA AGM and Other Updates                                                                                                
Dear Member,

As we go into the second half of the year we have several interesting new stories to share with you.

AGM 2017

The BOD has decided to organize this year’s AGM/Get-together in Washington DC on October  07th, 6.30 PM onwards.  Please mark this date in your calendar. This will be a great opportunity to meet up with your buddies and share and remind all the sweet memories as Rajans. Also we can use this opportunity to discuss more about how to strengthen our organization. 

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Dr Nishanth Bandaras visit to Dharmaraja

DAANA vice president Dr Nishantha Bandara visited Dharmaraja two weeks ago. The highlight of his trip was the speech he delivered on “How to open the doors of higher education in USA”. Head of the science section, Mr Upula Ratnakela who coordinated Nishantha’s visit, informed us that his talk was well received by students who have set their eyes on higher education prospects in USA.


Donation of Rs 30,000 to support the science exhibition

Science Society of Dharmaraja was planning to prepare a stall for a science educational exhibition in Kandy. The students were planning to display the revolution of science and technology from ancient civilizations to present day. This involved demonstrations depicting human evolution, development of science and technology and their advancement to current state.  However, there was a stumbling block as they were struggling with funds to finance their project. Hence, they made a request to DAANA through the teachers and the BOD decided to step in and support them.

Donation of Rs 184,000 to Rajans Rugby (ORRFA)

With the generous contributions from our members DAANA was able to collect $ 1200 to support Dharmaraja Rugby team. This donation was deposited to ORRFA (Old Rajans Rugby Football Association) account to support a campaign called a day or half day sponsorship program.  DAANA was able to sponsor 14 days and remaining amount of Rs 9000 was donated towards other expenses. We would like to thank all the members who supported this campaign. Our special Thanks to Sajith Ellepola’s employer (Brookfield Office Properties Management LP) for their generous contribution.


DAANA scholarships 2017

The applications for DAANA scholarship applications have been called again. Last year we have donated 52 DAANA scholarships among Dharmaraja students and few undergrads. This year, the BOD is keen to further expand the scholarship scheme to support more students. Currently we are engaged in a dialogue with the academic staff while trying to figure out better mechanisms to strengthen and streamline out scholarships scheme.

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Date : 02nd-August-2017

Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America

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