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DAANA  Annual Plan for 2017                                    

Dear Member,

DAANA BOD 2017 would like to share the following action plan with you that outline our strategic plan for the year 2017 and the goals we have envisioned to accomplish. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions on any of these points and also welcome anyone who wants to contribute to any such project.

DAANA Website:

Being a very cyber based organization the face of DAANA is our website. It has been highlighted that its time that we redesign it to meet the current demands. We envision incorporating more functional and appealing features to serve DAANA objectives better.

DAANA Scholarships:

Last year DAANA donated 52 scholarships. Our scholarship scheme that started with a one scholarship in 2009 has grown tremendously. The first DAANA scholarship recipient Chintaka Thilina Bowattha has just secured a position in a company after earning his degree in Engineering. The BOD 2017 feels that we need to further enhance the scholarship scheme to serve its objectives more efficiently. A subcommittee headed by Dr Nishantha Bandara has been assigned to study the DAANA scholarship scheme to propose recommendations and explore new strategies.


We have identified that an AGM should be held in an area where we have more members and therefore Washington DC has been proposed as the venue for the AGM this year. We will soon update you with the details.

DAANA Book Drive:

DAANA has conducted several successful book drives in the past. This year’s book drive will be coordinated by DAANA Texas chapter.

Membership Drive:

It’s no secret that there are many Rajans living in North America who are still not members of DAANA. BOD 2017 considers it is a priority to bring all the Rajans under a one umbrella. We will be reaching out to those rajans with an open invitation and as members you all can help us in a very powerful way in this membership drive.


DAANA Digital Pencil:

DAANAs flagship magazine Digital Pencil has not been published in last few years due to many reasons. It was recognized as a high quality publication that covered a wide spectrum of interesting topics centered on Dharmaraja. We are excited to announce that DAANA is planning to publish this magazine during the latter part of the year. You all are invited to contribute articles/poems about Dharmaraja and your school days at Lake View.

Fund Raising:

As you all know DAANA is run by the volunteer donations from the members. There had been some funds raised based on specific objectives that surfaced from time to time, for which our members have contributed very generously. This year also DAANA is planning to raise funds for similar objectives and we are confidant that our members will support us on achieving these goals. In addition to these, the BOD 2017 is looking forward to explore special funds accessible for organizations of our nature.

None of these activities will be successful without the support of our members. We anticipate your fullest support to make 2017 yet another great year for DAANA.

Thank you,



Date : 02nd-March-2017

Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America

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