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  DAANA Scholarship Award Ceremony - 2017                                                                            

Dear Member,

During last eight years DAANA has awarded well over 300 scholarships to the students of Dharamaraja. There had been many scholarship awarding ceremonies. However, 2017 DAANA scholarship awarding ceremony stands out very special. For the first time, these scholarships were distributed by the very founder of DAANA, Dr Sarith P Mahanama, the man who came up with this fancy idea of bringing all Rajans in North America under a one roof.

It was a delightful coincident that his sidekick in this illustrious journey who used to burn the oil in cold Utah nights trying to shape the face of DAANA, during her formative years, Prof Asoka Polpitiya also was there to grace the occasion. Undoubtedly, there could be no better treat to the scholarship recipients than having these two scholars of highest caliber narrating how their academic curiously began in those long corridors at DRCK, and blossomed to propel them through career ranks to climb dizzy heights. In the case of Dr Mahanama, to end up as a Scientist at the prestigious NASA institute and in the case of Prof Polpitiya, to become the Vice Chancellor of the Telecom University.

The events began with a student warmly welcoming the guest and specially introducing Dr Mahanama to the audience comprising students and parents. The key note address was delivered by Dr Mahanama who explained how DAANA was formed, how it functions and its unique role. The Principal Mr Dampiya Wanasinghe in his speech reminded the students to keep the envelope containing the name of the donor as a souvenir. This was followed by two splendid career guidance talks delivered by Dr Mahanama and Dr Polpitya.

BOD 2017 wishes to thank Mrs Tamara Marapana of the academic staff for coordinating this year’s scholarship program. A very special word of thanks goes to Mr Upula Ratnakele former head of the science section of DRCK who helped us coordinate this event for many years and even this year until his departure from DRCK.

This year we have been able to secure 67 annual scholarships worth of Rs 13,500 for each student based on academic merit and extracurricular activities. In addition, 3 undergraduate scholarships worth of Rs 22,000 for each medical student. We deeply appreciate the generosity and Rajans spirit shown by all our donors and those who coordinated this noble effort.

2017 Final Scholarship List


Date : 18th-January-2018

BOD 2017
Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America

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