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Newsletter (Special Issue on Bookdrive)

April 14, 2009

Dear All,

This issue of DAANA News Letter is dedicated to launch of the Book Drive as a part of the  “Educational and Outreach” program of DAANA. The beginning of April marks the role out of the Book Drive and will be open till end of September.

The aim of the book drive is to furnish the DRCK library with 1500 volumes of new additions and initiate a media library comprised of CD ROMs and DVDs. As a part of the “Educational and Outreach” program of DAANA, 25% of the books collected will be donated to a rural school in Sri Lanka.

This program is initiated with an aim of expanding the library resources available for DRCK students. The desired nature of the material to be collected is expected to broaden the exposure of the students to co-curricular and extra-curricular knowledge. An emphasis is given to promoting English language skills among students, especially in the primary section (elementary level).

The success of this venture is undoubtedly lays on the shoulders of the members of DAANA. Therefore we urge you to show your support wholeheartedly to this worthy cause. You can participate by collecting suitable items and also spreading the word among members and other potential supporters. Also you can participate by contributing to cover the shipping cost even though it is not urged.

How can you help and participate:

You can simply send the books, magazines, and media that you don’t need any longer. Also you can organize local events to support the book drive. It will be a nice project for the local chapters of DAANA to participate as a community.

Nature of material:

Material should be suitable for young adults (age 10 -18) and elementary level students (age 5-9). Use your judgment to choose the items as they are aimed for school children. Used items must be in a good condition.

Printed Matter: New and used books (classical and contemporary novels, biographies, historical notes), study-guides (SAT/TOEFL/IELTS), posters and other display items, dictionaries, magazines, and journals (subject related, co-curricular, extra-curricular, leisure reading, etc.).

Media: CD-ROMs and DVDs containing educational and industrial related subjects, non-proprietary software, DVDs of award winning movies and documentaries, Audio-books, Music (classical, traditional, regional, folk, etc.).

Collection process:

Please send the items to; C/O Sanka Tennakoon, 4702, Clay Street, Houston, TX 77023, USA.

The book drive is open till end of September 2009. Once the collected items are processed and prepared, they will be shipped out in October.

Material will be collected in Houston, TX. They will be catalogued and prepared for shipment by the generous help of the Old Rajans in Texas (TX Chapter of DAANA).

USPS is the suggested method of shipping to Houston since they offer a special rate for Books and Printed matter within US. Please feel free to use any other convenient method.

Where to look for:

This is a nice opportunity for us to clean up our bookshelves and closets. Local libraries in US and Canada are known to discard old but still usable material. They are available for a nominal price if not free. Schools and universities are also good sources, especially teachers and professors. There are hundreds of bargain bookshops full of good books at very low prices throughout the continent.

Once again, you are urged to show your “Rajans” spirit and show your support to this worthy cause.

Sanka Tennakoon


Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America
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