Welcome to Dharmapeople,

Supporting Buddhists Engaged in Community Work in South England

As the url implies, this is about the Buddha Dharma/Dhamma and how it inspires people in their daily life.

The site is under construction, and it will remain so for a long while. So do expect to see changes on an ongoing basis, as well as new features and material progressively added on, and perhaps removed too. Please bear with us while the development is taking place and do let us know what you think of it all. None of us is a web professional, as it is only too apparent, but we do enjoy our voluntary work and find satisfaction and fulfilment in delivering this service.

This project is inspired and animated by tolerance, openness, cooperation, and aims to bring together individuals and groups from different traditions and cultural backgrounds operating primarily in the South of England, but not limited to it.

The sites aims at providing a focal point, forums, various facilities, reference material and information primarily for all individuals involved in outreach work, including : Religious Education in primary and secondary schools; Chaplaincy in Further Education, the NHS, Prisons, HM Forces, Immigration Centres, Hospices , etc; Interfaith activities; and other community based work.

Also we will attempt to present an overview of the rich variety of Buddhist groups and traditions present in the region, how they related to the original Teachings, their cultural and historical background, their rituals and festivities, for the benefit of the volunteers themselves as well as Local Authorities and the public at large.

(acknowledgements to Google Images for the material in the banners)