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FEEDBACK from Bhante Kaccayana (27 May 2008)

Metta Vihara Forest Monastery, Germany

Dear Piya Tan,
Thousand thanks for the two CD´s with your precious Sutta material, which arrived two days back! I also downloaded some from the website you mentioned. All that is very precious and most useful for our sutta study group over here. 


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Vol 1. (Feb-May 2003) Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta (contents page)

Vol 2. (May-Aug 2003) Wealth and metta (contents page)

Vol 3. (Sep-Dec 2003) Refuge going (contents page)

Vol 4. (Jan-Mar 2004) Karma 1 (contents page)

Vol 5. (Apr-Jun 2004) Dependent arising (contents page)

Vol 6. (Jul-Oct 2004) Wisdom (contents page)

Vol 7. (Jan-Mar 2005) The world and the universe (contents page)

Vol 8. (Apr-Jun 2005) Lay sainthood (contents pages)

Vol 9. (Nov-Dec 2004) Maha Parinibbana Sutta (The last days of the Buddha) [contents page] (downlaod file: D 16)

Vol 10. (Apr-Jun 2006) The limbs of awakening (contents page)

Vol 11. (Jan-Mar 2006) Emptiness (contents page)

Vol 12. (Apr-Jun 2006) Brahma (The High God) (contents page)

Vol 13. (Jul-Sep 2005) Satipatthana Suttas (contents page)

Vol 14. (Oct-Dec 2006) Self-identity view (contents page)

Vol 15. (Jul-Sep 2006) Mental cultivation(contents page)

Vol 16. (Jul-Sep) 2007) Impermanence (contents page)

Vols 17ab. Aggregates (2-vol set) (Jan-Jun 2007) [download files]

Vol 18. Karma 2 (Oct-Dec 2007)  [download files]

Vol 19. The meditation sign (Jan-Mar 2008) [download files]

Vol 20.  Nibbida (Revulsion) (Jul-Sep 2008)  [download files]

Vol 21.  Ditthi (Views) (Jan-Mar 2009) [Download files]

Vol 22. Giving and generosity (Apr-Jun 2008) [download files]

Vol 23. Death & Rebirth (May-Jul 2008) [download files]

Vol 24. Samadhi (Mental concentration) (Dec 2008-Feb 2009) [download files]

Vol 25.  Brahmajala Sutta (to download file: D 1

Vol 26.  Not-self (2009d) [download files]

Vol 40b: How Buddhism Became Chinese [download files]

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