Anguttara Nikaya

  The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha

 translated with notes by Piya Tan (c) 2009

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    The Anguttara Nikaya is arranged to a numerical system beginning with sets of one and ending with those of eleven items or perons. Although tradition says it has a total of 9557 suttas, only 2334 are actually counted. This difference is due either to loss of materials or that certain repeated items are regarded as separate suttas.

    The Anguttara texts are generally easy reading and are as such usually suitable for the sue of the laity or beginner. Most of the suttas are very short and without any explanation, assuming that one has knowledge the longer Nikayas. However. the Anguttara has some important long suttas such as the Tad-ahuposatha Sutta (A 4.18) and the Girimananda Sutta (A 10.60).

See Oskar von Hinuber, A Handbook of Pali Literature, 1996 II.2.4.