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About Me

Contact: kotykj@gmail.com

My name is Jeffrey Kotyk, otherwise Indrajāla in Buddhist circles. I'm from Canada.

In my teenage years I developed an interest in Japanese, Chinese and Buddhism, which in turn led me into various academic studies and extensive travelling across Asia.

I translate Japanese and Chinese. The bulk of my work has been related to Buddhism so far. My main area of expertise is Classical Chinese, though I also study Sanskrit.

I've traveled around both East and South Asia as a pilgrim, student, monk and scholar. I've stayed in Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, India and Ladakh over the years.

I base my personal ideology on the five sciences that the bodhisattva should strive to master: grammar and composition (śabda-vidyā), the arts and mathematics (śilpakarma-sthāna-vidyā), medicine (cikitsā-vidyā), logic-epistemology (hetu-vidyā), and philosophy (adhyātma-vidyā).

From a young age I've always had an interest in history. In recent years I've started reading more and more on Indian, Persian and Hellenic histories. My area of research from 2014 onward has been Buddhist astrology and star worship in the Tang dynasty, which demands extensive reading of classical Western and Indian histories plus knowledge of ancient astrology.

As of October 2014 I am a PhD candidate with Leiden University (Holland).

For my CV and academic activities see my profile on academia.edu: