This site serves as a central depository and backup for any number of documents and works that I have compiled and composed from sites, blogs and elsewhere. It is hoped that these works and documents will be of benefit and use to both general readers and scholars alike. Everything may be used and quoted freely without prior permission provided citation is given.

Recent Updates

05 April 2019: I haven't touched this site in a few years. I added three pages under the Astrology section.

In other news, I finished my PhD in September of 2017 (the video of defense is here). 

For some interviews about the topic of astrology in East Asia, see the following:

I've published a number of things over the last three years. For the .pdf files, see archive.org. My present list of publications as of today is as follows:

– Peer Reviewed Publications –


[9] “Research Note on Brahmanical Deities in Mikkyō Astrological Art.” Journal of Asian Humanities at Kyushu University 4 (2019): 101–108.


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[1] “Iranian Elements in Late-Tang Buddhist Astrology.” Asia Major 30, no. 1 (2017): 25–58.


– Non-Peer Reviewed Publications –

[2] “Buddhist Astrology.” In Astrology through History: Interpreting the Stars from Ancient Mesopotamia to the Present, ed. William Burns, 61–66. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio, 2018.


[1] “Kanjiken no bungaku ni okeru saihō-senseijutsu no yōso: tōzai bunka kōryū ni okeru Bukkyō no yakuwari” 漢字圏の文学における西方占星術の要素:東西文化交流における仏教の役割 [Elements of Occidental Astrology in Literature of the Sinosphere: a Role of Buddhism in Eurasian Cultural Exchange]. Bukkyō bungaku kenkyū 佛教文學研究 19 (2016): 85–110.

26 April 2016: Added Jibin 罽賓.

15 March 2016: Added various things. For a recent published article of mine on astrology in East Asia see here (Japanese):

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