ED / 8 Wat Rong Khun, White Temple in Thailand

A temple situated in northernmost province of Thailand namely Chiangrai. 
The temple is not far from city town of Chiangrai. Worth to pay a visit there. 
It was desgined by
an ambitious Thai artist name Chalermchai Kositpipat
who wishes to dedicate to

His Majesty, King Bhumiphol Adulyadej
(King Rama IX)



Beautifully designed Cho Fa at Wat Rong Kung




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Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai

Wat Rong Khun
Chiang Rai

Wat Rong Khun is very different to any of temple you are likely to see in Thailand. A lifetime project of artist Chalermchai Kositpipat, the temple has a fine blend of traditional Buddhist art with contemporary themes. The temple is almost entirely white – no other colours are used at all. It is though decorated with small pieces of mirrored glass which add substantially to the temple’s spacious and airy feel. Designed to be viewed in moonlight, if you can manage to get there when the moon is out it’s worth the effort – very nice indeed. This temple is certainly worth a visit unless you have limited time.

Wat Rong Khun

A labor of love and devotion

Nuttanee Thaveephol

“Only death can stop my dream, but cannot stop my project,” says Chalermchai Kositpipat, the creator of Wat Rong Khun whose intention is to create one of the most elegant temples in Chiang Rai, which he believes will give him “immortal life”.

The church shines in the sunlight.

There are always many people visiting the temple, even in the evening.

Elegant murals inside the church.

About 10 kilometers from the Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai-Phayao Junction, or about 13 kilometers south of Chiang Rai City, is “Wat Rong Khun”, still under construction in Chiang Rai, the hometown of its creator, Chalermchai, a very famous Thai artist.

The first 18 million baht and 5 years construction has only allowed 50% of the construction to be completed, but is enough to show anyone who visits Wat Rong Khun about Chalermchai and his followers’ faith in their religion and how much they have thrown themselves into this obligation as faithful Buddhists.

Wat Rong Khun is a white temple; inside it contains murals and paintings of the Buddha image and painted enamel ceramic floor that will take another 5 years to complete. The outside is being created with lime sculpture Thai designs decorated with small pieces of mirror that make the building sparkle and shine under the sunlight.

The impression of this temple is not only in its bright and splendid form but also the atmosphere it has. Even though the temple isn’t very far from the city, it is calm and peaceful even during the day.

It seems that the creator and his followers put all of their energies into creating this imaginative temple. Unlike many temples, Wat Rong Khun refuses to accept donations of more than 10,000 baht and the donors cannot have their names recorded on the buildings.

A Sculpture of a creature in Buddhist belief is decorated with small pieces of mirror.

Sparkles of the mirror respond to the Buddhists’ faith.

A small part of the church is still beautiful in the dusk.

Chalermchai wants to create this Buddhist art for his beloved homeland and all human beings by donating all of his ability and his life to the Dharma. Nobody knows when he will pass on but he insists that all the money be used to continue the project and his followers are ready to do that.

The second building is a pagoda, which has just been started behind the wat. There are eight buildings in the grand plan including the wat, pagoda, hermitage, temple, crematorium, monastery hall, museum, and pavilion will be created on the temple’s 7 rai area.

Wat Rong Khun’s white color indicates the religious gracefulness that attracts pure hearts of Buddhist people or anyone from other nationalities to touch and feel the aesthetics.