International Five World Peace Stupas project has been launched and pioneered 

by  the Most Venerable Sanong Katapunyo Mahathera

with the policy aiming for building up the stupas of relatives, world congregation.

The project signifies that all people holding any religions whatsoever are the world-sharing relatives and friends subject to the same birth, aging, disease and death.

Then, we all need to be in unity by heart for our whole nation, religion and king of both Thailand and the whole world. Be lived in peace, no foe, and in unity like the brothers of the same parents.

The stupa construction is a trick to bring about the love and unity, mutual kind-heart, no infighting and taking advantages against one another for religion propagation of its own.

Every religion teaches the people to know love, unity and conciliation for the nation, religion, and the king.
Every religion in Thailand must have the unified standing point under the same law to get the people to have a peace, happy life, brotherhood, equality and no insults to any religions.

We, as the Thai people in the same nation, need to respect our country, religion and king as well as to protect our mother land, not allowing any invasion against our sovereignty.

So far , our ancestors had fought and guarded our country with flesh and blood staining this for all religions, gathering the good people since the Ayutthaya period, bringing the religious teachings to everyone to love the whole nation, and respectively protecting the King of Thailand.  The ideas to betray our own religions and nation have become none.

Any one with an evil thought to be against our nation, religions, and the king will get a misfortune, unhappy life, perils, and finally, no land to stay any longer.

We, then, make our mindful wish to build up these five stupas for love, unity  and peace.  During the Ayutthaya period, King Narai the Great had a royal loving-kindness, allowing the construction of  buildings of any religions, e.g. churches and mosques, even though he was a Buddhist who firmly upheld the Buddhism religion.

Instead, he had a heartfelt respect and honor to every religion, no resent expression to any other religion at all. It was widely accepted that he was the King of Siam with great generosity, welcoming any religions. 
He was second to none, and never blocked the propagation of other religious doctrines flowing into Siam.

Best of all, with his royal support to equalize the status of all religions and the kings of any nations coming over the land of Siam, he had so far greeted every religion, not different from other kings of Thailand from the early & end  Ayutthaya period through the Rattanakosin time until now.

It is very noticeable that every King of Siam keeps the traditional rites for all religion.

As the Sanghathan people, we come up with an idea to bring about the construction project for the lasting peace and happiness in the form of the 5 stupas of  5 religions as follows:-

1) Buddhism Stupa in the shape of the leather hat with brim cut-off of King Naresuan the Great (King Naresuan wore this hat for elephant war-fighting)
2) Hinduism Stupa in beautiful feature with 500 deities surmounted on the rooftops
3) Sikhism Stupa featured by an image of Kurunanak
4) Christian Stupa in pretty forms of Church and Chapel decorated with mirror
5) Muslim Stupa in the similar shape as Tashmahal palace

The whole project is about to be built up by 69 million bricks of Dan Kwien. Red sandstones for the exterior will be carved to tell the stories about the origin of Thailand in the past together with all other religions.
It will be formed the shape of 2 walls of 5,000 years.

The line of walls holds 10 meters in thickness with 5-10 meters in height stretching along a boundary in the east adjacent to Sungai-Kolok river ( on the other side of Malaysia), in the west adjacent to the road of Waeng district leading to Surin and Sungai-Kolok.  Along the line, the walls will be sectioned into several hundred rooms, e.g., meeting room, radio broadcasting room, chanting& meditation room, monthly course of meditation room, museum, hospital, and libraries of all nations and religions, e.g. imam room, catholic priest room, Sigh room, Hinduism room, and a lot more. The umbrella spire of each stupa will be cast into 3-kilogram gold  with diamond 10 karats equally ( diamond to be embedded into the crucifix and moon-like top).

The International Five World Peace Stupas will be built up in Narathiwas province.

Donation of the brick and sandstone bearing your own and family name is welcome.