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Concept, download information and a list of the monks, nuns and practitioners available.


Dhammatube is an attempt to collect video clips with Dhamma content in one place. Often the clips are about personal impressions, difficulties or inspirations of meditators with aspects of meditation, teachers or teaching systems. Some are stories or positions on teachings. In general the tone is quite informal, conversational and unedited. Contact us at dhammatube-AT-gmail-DOT-com.

Download Information

To find the clips go to our homepage at youtube.com/dhammatube (you will find a search window below), dailymotion.com (new clips only),  veoh.com or video.google.com (older clips only). Search for the name of the person you're looking for and you should get all the clips. You can also just google the name of the speaker and "dhammatube".

Download videos as MP4 via http://vixy.net/rawvideo/  or http://keepvid.com/


List of Names

Ajahn Tim Thanuttaro (England)  Youtube  DailyMotion

Tan Ajahn Sudhiro (Thailand)   YouTube

Tan Ajahn Suthep (Thailand)  DailyMotion

Sister Visuddhi (Malaysia)  DailyMotion

Ven. Aggacitta (Malaysia)  YouTube

Tan Ajahn Pramote Pamojjo (Thailand)   YouTube

Ven. Gavesako Bhikkhu (Czech Republic)   YouTube

Tipawan Meditation Center (Thailand)   YouTube

Mae Chee Sansanee (Thailand)   YouTube

Mae Chee Mettika (Thailand)   YouTube

Ven. Sujato (Australia)  YouTube 

LP Chah (Thailand)  YouTube 

Tan Ajahn Jayasaro (England) YouTube

Tan Ajahn Kukrit (Thailand) YouTube

Tan Ajahn Maha Chatchai (Thailand) YouTube

Tan Dtoon (Thailand)  YouTube

Tan Ajahn Mitsuo Gavesako (Japan)  YouTube

Ven. Dhammananda (Bulgaria) YouTube

Ven. Chan Phap Son (Switzerland) YouTube

LP Bunyarit (Thailand) YouTube

Bhikkhu Nirodho (Tan Charles - Australia) YouTube

Tan Darius (Germany) YouTube

Ven. Dhammavuddho (Bhikkhu Hye - Malaysia) YouTube

Sister Dipankara (Myanmar) YouTube

Tan Frank (USA)  YouTube

Venerable Gunankaro (Netherlands)  YouTube

Venerable Gunaratana (USA) YouTube

Samanera Jamal (USA) YouTube

Venerable Jinavamso (Netherlands) YouTube

Tan Ajahn Jundee (Thailand) YouTube

Venerable Jutipanyo (Malaysia) YouTube

Ayya Khema (Germany, USA) YouTube

Venerable Kumara (Malaysia) YouTube

Mae Chee Maria (Germany) YouTube

Venerable Mettiko (Germany) YouTube

Venerable Nagita (Sri Lanka) YouTube

Sister Nhu Nghiem (USA) YouTube

Venerable Nyanabodhi (Germany) YouTube

Ashin Ottama (Czech Republic) YouTube

Venerable Punnaji (USA) YouTube

Venerable Rahula (USA) YouTube

U Rewata (Myanmar) YouTube

Sister Sonam Wangmo (Bhutan) YouTube

Sister Sudhamma (USA) YouTube

Tan Ajahn Tongdaeng (Thailand) YouTube

Rodney (England) YouTube

Venerable Uttamo (Malaysia) YouTube

Venerable Cattamalo (Germany)  YouTube

Venerable Balacitta (Malaysia)  YouTube

Inspirations from the Suttas  YouTube