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The  Mind

 The Most Venerable Sanong Katapunyo Mahathera

   The Mind is important and valuable


                        The Mind is important and valuable. Happy and Suffering is a manifest of the mind. To understand the Dhamma is to understand the nature of the mind. The manifestation of the mind is a great source to learn and to understand many natural processes.
            This book, which if entitled The Mind is especially, selected form the Dhamma preaching of Ven. Phra Ajahn Sanong Katapunyo. It is hoped to guide in the study and training of one's mind. This book couldn't be completed without the help of Khun Parnsri Wichagonrakul who has helped translating the original Thai Text in to English.
            The usefulness of this book can only be realised by you (the reader) if use in your daily lives.

May Dhamma be with you!

The Committee of Wat Sanghanthan Nontaburi Thailand

New Buds for Old Leaves (Turn over a New Leaf )

            If we cannot drop all suffering, worries, indecisive thoughts from our minds, if we do not get rid of old bad habits, and do not keep to morality, do not stop being immoral, where will peace be found? If we seek happiness, we have to rid our minds of suffering, previous wrong thoughts and the past, which caused the mind's suffering. It is like a man spitting - he does not take back his saliva; or like leaves which drop from a plant they do not reattach themselves back to the plant, but allow new leaves to emerge instead. [ Continue..... ]

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