44.What's REALLY going to happen? : 2012

Welcome To My World - Jim Reeves  : Uploaded by on Oct 13, 2007
AlienScientist | March 29, 2009

This video is a collaboration between Alien Scientist and Bi0hazardx. We hope this video provides a lot of insight into the philosophical and psychological aspects of the 2012 phenomenon...

Who owns the media?

This is a re-edit of my 2012 video, to fix the death part and make it more open to beliefs surrounding this uncertainty. A lot of people have also criticized that my video was all philosophy and no science...

So I am going to work on another 2012 video to go over all the important or relevant scientific stuff too.

2012 could be the Apocalypse, the rebirth, Revelations, A mass awakening, A New World Order Take-Over with mass-arrests-detention-&enslavement, or nothing at all. The dynamic equation is totally dependent upon our actions, your actions Violence and Rioting will only get the Police State here faster. You cant prevent a natural disaster, but you can do your part to keep mankind from destroying the Planet. Stop buying corporate goods, dont shop at Walmart, or Dunkin Donuts or eat fast food. Remember that the smallest of actions can have immense consequences over time.
You are the architect of your own future. The world as you know it depends on you. Your action or inaction, will ultimately determine the fate of the entire human race. Seriously.
The World is going through global changes right now. We are in the midst of a New World Order whether we like it or not. Unfortunately the Elite Slave Masters of the Old World Order have been setting up a global empire they intend to keep control over, and they finally have the technology to actually do it. Luckily, this is all being exposed through the Internet and we still have time to stop it. But we also need to decide what kind of world we want to build instead and we cant do it alone
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This is the final test, and I'm afraid there's no second chances. Its wake up or die.