11.Wat Tha Ton : กราบพระวัดท่าตอน

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This temple is located on a hill several consecutive balls. More than 400 rai of land adjacent to the River Kok. Former New years old San É base from antiques discovered in this area. Wat Thaton is education for young monks and novices as drug treatment center. Tribes and Welfare. Is measured at the beautiful scenery. And on the occasion of His Majesty. His 50 year reign as the temple has initiated construction on the Royal Pagoda cup mount Top view of the community will see fields and winding rivers flowing beneath kg.
From the Mae Kok river, the Office of the Abbot of Wat Thaton and the Pariyati Dhamma School for Bhikkhus and Novices are located on the first level. The Uposatha Hall or Ordination is located on Level two. The White Buddha (Level 3) can be seen just above the main complex. One level above is the Phra Nakprok - Vipassana Meditation Center (Level 4) .

Moving further up on the 5th level is the new Pagoda - the Chedi Kaew. As you can see here Wat Thaton is in a natural setting, with a quiet peaceful atmosphere in the area around the small village of Ban Thaton.

Travel to Wat Tha Ton.
Wat Thaton located Thaton Mae Ai District, Chiang Mai. Approximately 770 kilometers from Bangkok, with the distance from Chiang Mai. Go north about 173 kilometers.

You can travel to Wat Tha Ton is on land and by land, air conditioned car to the limits of daily transportation. And a visit to Ban Thaton directly or visit the park before it is Chiang Mai. The air can be both at the airport to Chiang

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