Speak of the world's first navigators and the names Christopher Columbus or Vasco da Gama flash through a Western mind. Little known are the remarkable feats that a Chinese Muslim Zheng He (1371-1433) had accomplished decades before the two European adventurers.

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Wuxuu yiri Rasuulkii Allaah:
Waxaa dhici doonta in Ummaduhu isugu kiin yeertaan sida ay dadku markay xeero ama saxan wax ku wada cunayaan isugu yeertaan si ay u wadaagaan.
Waxay dheheen Saxaabadii oo yaabani ilayn waa dad cizi iyo sharaf ku noolaa e:
Ma yaraan aanu yar nahay baa rasuulkii Alloow?
Wuxuu yiri Rasuulkii:
“Bal waadbadan tihiin maalintaas laakiin waxaad tihiin xoor sida daad xoorta oo kale,” waxaa laga siibayaa quluubta cadawgiina inay idinka haybaystaan!
waxaana idin asiibi doona WAHAN,”

Waxay dheheen oo waa maxay wahanku?
Wuxuu yiri: “Waa Aduunyo Jecayl iyo iyo dhimasho necayb”

Dome Rock Masjid Aqsa


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