Cultural Issues

Verbal thanks is often not expressed. The fortunate members of a family feel obligated to help otheres. Their casual style is a reflection on their laid back attitudes. In general meetings start within 30 minutes of the schedule time. When working with the Somalis: it is important to be flexible and patient.

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Baro Dadka Kuugu jira Taariikhda

Sayid Mohamed A. Hassan Bio

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Jenny's Visit

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Peter Brown's photos of Mogadishu

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Somalia Airforce planes in Ogaden War

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Luuq, Somalia in 1982

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Xamar Shaley iyo Maanta

Coastal Somalia 2006

Somalia 1978

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Suuban Realestate

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Mogadishu 1993 USMarines1

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Marine Deployment in Somalia4 

Somalia Documentry

Somalia Watch Documentary 1953 - 1991 - part 1,2,3 &4

Watch The Somalia Affair - Conflict and War - CBC Archives

Daawo Cajalad Fiidiyow ah oo la Sheegay in ay Rag Carbeed Dagaalkii Muqdisho ka Qaybqaateen

Hot Zone Somalia

Dateline SBS about Jawhar

Black Hawk Dawn

Flood Season in Somalia-NYTimes

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Caan Shubka Wabarka Beesha Jajeele

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Open Democracy

 Somali Refugees

New Immigrant Orientation Guide (Somali Version) (English Version)

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Wedding and Parties:Cultural Healing in one Community of Somali Women


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Sultan Mohamoud Ali Shirreh, the 24th Sultan of Warsangeli 

Sultanate of Mohamoud Ali Shire Of Warsangali 

Hobyo Sultanate 

Northern Somali sultanates 

Saltanate of Sayla 

Traditional Authorities in Northern Somalia: Transformation of Positions and Powers 

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Mogadishu 1915