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Lamps / light bulbs for vintage audio equipment.

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Contact me via email ( dwojo69@msn.com ) for assistance with your lamp needs, lamps are my retirement hobby here in the United States in Southeast Michigan. I'm in the New York Time Zone (East Coast), please include brand and model number in the subject line. Sorry, I no longer dispatch to the UK due to Brexit rules and no longer to the EU states due to new restrictions. In the last 22+ years I've helped people re-lamp Marantz, Otari, Pioneer, Yamaha, Revox A77, Rotel, JVC, Kenwood, Mcintosh, Onkyo, Sansui, Sony, Realistic, Lafayette, MCS, Technics, Allied, Bose, Radioshack, Tandberg, Tandy, Hitachi, Fisher, Nikko, NAD, Nakamichi, Phillips, Panasonic, Phase Linear, SAE, Sanyo, Scott, Sherwood, Teac, Akai, Carver, Denon, and Harmon Kardon vintage audio equipment, YAESU G-5500 antennae rotor.

My old web site http://home.earthlink.net/~dwojo/ or http://home.earthlink.net/~dwojo/index.html - with email address dwojo@earthlink.net is discontinued. My www.dgwojo.com domain is now set up and active, thanks for your patience. I'm a long time Audiokarma member and supporter, AK is a great group of audio enthusiast with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and information!! Dave.


Marantz lamps include 8v/200ma and 300ma fuse lamps plus LED fuse style, bi-pin 40ma lamps in 6.3v, 8v, and 12v, 8v/60ma/4.7mm wide wire lead stereo beacon, dolby, and dial pointer lamps, 8v/55ma/3mm wire lead dial pointer lamps, feet with screw with integral washer, 2230/2245/2270 phillips head faceplate screws, bottom cover screws, and top cover screws with integral washer, 7 amp push button switches with 18mm and 20mm on-center mounting screw spacing, silver 3mm shaft buttons, and noise/spark suppression snubber capacitors;

Marantz 4300 with all stock spec lamps, no LED's;

Lamps for Pioneer equipment, lamps available for most SX and TX models, 8 volt dial lamps, 6 and 8 volt stereo beacon lamps, as well as 3mm dial pointer lamps in 6.3 and 8 volts with wire leads;

Pioneer SX-450 with triple life 8v/250ma wedge lamps installed;

Pioneer SX-550 with cool white 8v ac/dc LED's installed, photo courtesy of John P


Pioneer SX-650 with warm white 8v ac/dc LED's installed, photo courtesy of J. Garner.

Pioneer SX-650 with light blue 8v ac/dc LED's installed, photo courtesy of Dave T.;

Pioneer SX-550 with amber 8v ac/dc LED's installed, photo courtesy of S. McConnell;

Pioneer SX-450 with light blue 8v ac/dc LED's installed, photo courtesy of J Blichmann;

Akai AT-2600 and AM-2800 with warm white 8v wedge base LED's installed, photo courtesy of M. Irvin;

Optonica SA-5406 with light blue LED's installed, photo courtesy of Brett L.;

8v fuse style LED's in a Realistic STA-78 which calls for 12v fuse lamps, a 2 watt 47 oh resistor brought the voltage down in the dial lamp circuit, photo courtesy of George H.;

Deep blue LED fuse style in a Pioneer SX-636, photo courtesy of George H.;

Pioneer SX-737 with light blue LED fuse lamps, photo courtesy of Mike B.;

Pioneer TX-7100 with light blue LED fuse lamps, photo courtesy of Nick M.;

Sansui TU-517 with purple LED's, photo courtesy of Matt M;

Sherwood S-7250CP with cool white LED's installed, photo courtesy of Jim D.

Onkyo TX-21 with light blue axial LED installed, photo courtesy of Kevin E.

Onkyo TX-21 with incandescent axial lead lamp and blue cover installed, photo courtesy of Kevin E.

Sony STR-7065 with cool white Festoon LED's in the dial, and warm white fuse style LED's in the meters, photo courtesy Chris S. in New Mexico.

Lamps for Yamaha receivers and amplifiers including some LCD panel units requiring a single lamp to illuminate the whole panel, lamps for 12v and 14 volt applications, new, tested and matched for proper series circuit operation. Hand soldered wire leads shown below, heat shrink and solder included for splicing or your own hand soldering;

Yamaha CT-810 and CA-810 with conventional lamps installed, Photo courtesy of Speaker Revival (@speakerrevival on Instagram);

Yamaha CR-1040 with lamps and light green lamp covers installed;

Denon POA-1500 lamp longevity kit, 5mm lamps plus 4mm power lamp;

Denon POA-1500 Lamp Longevity Kit

10mm wide bayonet base and threaded bases available in many ratings, 3mm , 5mm and 10mm lamp covers also available;

Lamps for Kenwood and Sansui equipment, 7v/300ma fuse lamps available too, bare wire lamps fit in the rubber lamp holder bases that slide over the contact pins on the circuit boards;

4mm indicator and axial lead lamps available for reel to reel tape recorders like the Pioneer RT-707, axial meter lamps available in 6.3v, 8v, 12v and 14v in various current ratings;

AC/DC LED's available, plug n play in 6.3v and 8v, 4mm and 4.7mm wire lead versions with in-line resistor and full wave bridge rectifier, 6-8 and 12v. 6.3v, and 8v wedge base, bayonet base and fuse style, available in cool white, warm white, light blue, blue and green, colors vary by lamp base;

12V ac/dc 4mm LED with circuitry moved away from the LED, required by many dial pointer needle lamps/LED's;

A Sears/Fisher receiver upgraded with deep blue LED's in the dial and light blue in the meter, photo courtesy of P. Kenny;

A monster Kenwood KR-10000iii (a.k.a. Eleven) with warm white LED's in the dial and meters, photo courtesy of D. Gilbert;

Yamaha CR-1020 with 12v/4mm AC/DC LED's and light green lamp covers, photo courtesy of H. Toeg;

Yamaha CR-400 with warm white 14v/4mm AC/DC LED's and green lamp covers, photo courtesy of D. Nyberg;

This Realistic STA-2080 was re-lamped with light blue LED's in the meters and cool white in the dial, photo courtesy of B. Quon;

This Realistic STA-2080 was re-lamped with deep blue LED's, photo courtesy of Allen W in Canada;

This Onkyo TX-2500 was re-lamped with conventional lamps, photo courtesy of Marco M. in Italy;


Technics SA-202 with light blue LED's, photo courtesy of M. Durante;

Technics SA-500 with blue LED's, photo courtesy of Scott P;

The process for adding wire leads to a wedge lamp;