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Original Digital Typeface Specimens
Typefaces available in PostScript
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for Macintosh and Windows platforms from MyFonts.com.
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DTD  Erwin Gothic
(Available soon at MyFonts.com)

The DTD Erwin Gothic sans-serif type family was designed to accompany Erwin Text as a headline font for use in The Erwin Record, a weekly newspaper in northeastern Tennessee, USA.

The current family consists of Bold Condensed, Bold Extended and Compressed weights with many alternate characters. More weights and widths are planned for future release. 

The design of Erwin Gothic is based on a series of German grotesque families from the early 1900s, designed originally by Johannes Wagner and distributed by Wagner & Schmidt as Wotan (c. 1914), Lessing, Reichsgrotesk and Edel Grotesque.

The design was subsequently reworked and re-released by several foundries under these names as well as names such as Annonce Grotesque (c. 1912), Aurora Grotesk (c. 1928), Neue Aurora Grotesk (1964) and Aura. Anzeigen Grotesk (c. 1943) appears to be another offspring of these designs. Wagner's model was, in turn, based on older 19th century woodtype grotesques.

In designing Erwin Gothic, I lengthened the ascenders and descenders somewhat for legibility and readability. Erwin Gothic is also cut more deeply than its predecessors, resulting in smaller joins from curved strokes to the main stem, deeper ink traps, sharper spurs on upper-case “G” and lower-case “b” and “q”, and a more crisp overall finish. Many characters have been redesigned, and many alternate glyphs are included. Notably, a binocular lower-case “g” is included, as well as an angled-crossbar version of lower-case “e”; the bowl of upper-case “P” has been enlarged; the rounded legs of the upper-case “K” and lower-case “k” have been straightened. Curved-tailed versions of upper-case “Q” and “R” have been included, as well as both the round-sided and straight-sided variants of numeral “4” and letters “V”, “v”, “W”, “w”, “X”, “x”, “Y” and “y”. In addition, the tail of lower-case “y” has been smoothed from its previously abrupt angle. A shorter-armed lower-case “r” is made available, as are variant forms of many punctuation glyphs. There is also a less-formal and somewhat unorthodox alternate upper-case “E”, as well as several other additions to the basic design.


DTD Erwin Text
(Available soon at MyFonts.com)

DTD Erwin Text is a news text face designed for use in the Erwin Record, a small, weekly newspaper in the town of Erwin in northeastern Tennessee.

I based the design of Erwin Text on two of my favorite text faces: Plantin, the grand-daddy of all news faces, for sturdiness and practicality; and Cloister, my favorite design of the many based on the Renaissance humanist types of Nicolas Jenson, for elegance and beauty. The type's x-height was increased, extenders decreased, and overall width condensed to aid in readability and economy of space.

Chief among our concerns concerns was, of course, readability, coupled with the ability to withstand the rigors of printing on newsprint. In addition, we wanted a typeface with a warm, homey, inviting feel.  The resulting family includes roman and italic sets with alternates, as well as roman and italic small capitals and swash italics. A bold weight, bold italics and companion ornaments are planned for future release.


DTD Hefeweizen
(Currently available at MyFonts.com) 

DTD Hefeweizen is a sans-serif textura blackletter type constructed entirely of straight lines and angles based on 60-degree increments. Most of the characters follow blackletter form, but not strictly.

Primarily intended as a display face, Hefeweizen also works surprisingly well at smaller sizes, and can be used for short blocks of text. The family consists of a regular and alternate sets containing both lining and old-style numerals, as well as two extensive bonus sets of regular and alternate ligatures.


DTD Seriatim Ornaments
(Currently available at MyFonts.com) 

The DTD Seriatim family is a system of geometric sans serifs in surprisingly interchangeable styles.

DTD Seriatim Ornaments is a set of geometric ornaments designed specifically to accompany the Seriatim family or other similarly geometric types such as Futura, Kabel, Rockwell, Memphis, Avenir or Gotham. However, while geometric in construction, they are not limited to this application, and can be used beautifully with other type styles as well. Many can also be combined to create interesting borders and background patterns.

Most of the symbols for which it is appropriate have reversed counterparts as well, such as the pointing fists, arrows, et al. There are also more basic glyphs, such as geometric shapes (triangles, circles, squares and the like), stars/pentagrams, and other symbols that are not shown on this specimen. 


DTD Silvertone Woodtype
(Currently available at MyFonts.com) 

DTD Silvertone Woodtype had its roots in capitals and figures from a specimen of Ludlow 6-EC Gothic Extra Condensed woodtype. I interpreted and expanded on the set, adding an original lower case, old-style numerals to match the original lining figures and many alternate characters.