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G8 Training- TRS

Here’s a training game called “Throw-Run-Sweat” (TRS) that was invented to be used at a large park with a walking path around it.  It’s played at Lake Benson Park in Garner, and 1/3 of the path is in the woods.

You run a loop around the walking path while trying to throw your disc on the path.  This game builds your endurance, your distance, your accuracy, and your ability to make shots fast.  If you play around 12:00 noon it also builds your heat tolerance.  To begin, from the starting point, start your stop watch, throw, and run. Try to throw each shot so that your disc lands on the path.  If any part of the disc comes to rest on the path then you get to subtract one point from your score.  If you miss the path you need to run to a point on the path that’s perpendicular to where the disc stopped and run perpendicular over to get it then perpendicular back to the same point on the path.  The farther you are from the path the longer it will take you to get to your disc and get back.  You need to record your Time to get back to the starting point, the number of Throws you made, and how many shots came to rest on the path.  Your total score is:  Total = Time (converted to a decimal) + Throws - (Throws On Path)

You can also play Alternating shot doubles or Best Throw doubles where players take turns throwing.





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