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Satch and Coldplay

posted Sep 17, 2009, 7:08 PM by Dennis Gess   [ updated Nov 13, 2009, 2:36 PM ]
If you're any kind of a musical person at all, you've heard that the real-life guitar hero Joe Satriani:

has been suing these losers:

In December 2008, Satch sued Coldplay because their song 'Viva la Vida' was a direct copy of Satch's song 'If I Could Fly'.  And unfortunately for Coldplay, Joe's fans (like myself) heard the song and immediately attempted to notify Satch's representatives. Once Satriani got wind of this, he shook his head, 

From there, it only went downhill for Coldplay. As Joe continued the unbearably long lawsuit process, another dude came up smiling and accused Coldplay of ripping off his song. This guy's name is Cat Stevens. Wait...maybe it's Yusef Islam, but who cares? Virtually no one listens to his music anyway, so we can forget him. Stevens (or Islam) said he'll postpone his suing of Coldplay to wait and see how much luck Joe Satriani has with them.

Well Mr. Islam, the ball is in your court. No doubt Coldplay whined and cried about their fiasco, but Satriani decided to give these assholes a break and cut off his lawsuit before Coldplay would end up paying millions of dollars in copyright claims.

You can even check this out on Youtube. Just search for 'Viva la Vida and I Wish I Could Fly'. Same chord progression? Yeah. Same time signature? You bet. Similar themes? Obviously. What the hell did Coldplay think they were doing?