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Helpful iPod touch/iPhone apps

posted Aug 31, 2009, 10:54 AM by Dennis Gess   [ updated Sep 17, 2009, 6:50 PM ]
I guarantee you, almost everyone you know has some sort of iPod, but there are far fewer that have an iPod touch or iPhone. I'm lucky enough to own an iPod touch:

Too bad the WiFi chip is broken, so the WiFi doesn't work... but that has nothing to do with this article.

Browsing through the app store one day, several interesting apps caught my eye. One of them is aptly named 'Guitar Tuner'. It looks like this:

See those buttons on the bottom? Press one and you'll hear the corresponding string. It's a crude but effective way to tune your guitar. Unfortunately, the only tuning you can use is Standard.
EDIT: The update for Guitar Tuner today bought us support for Drop D tuning.

A second app called 'Tap That' is just as useful.

All you do is tap the screen to the tempo of the song and the app will give you its best estimate as to what the tempo of the song is. It also seems the app has built-in support for DragonForce songs:

There were a couple more apps like 'Guitar Chords' that I saw, but for some reason it won't sync onto my iPod. Thanks, Apple. You guys suck.

EDIT: Please don't email me about PocketGuitar. I know. I don't see the point in paying money for a crappy pseudo-guitar app.