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Ronnie James Dio has cancer!

posted Nov 27, 2009, 7:26 AM by Dennis Gess
If you're not familiar with Ronnie James Dio, you should immediately cancel your internet subscription and move into the mountains. If you haven't heard of RJD, I can't say how much full of fail you are. And in that case, I'll have to tell you who he is. He's this guy:

And he has made possibly the largest contribution to the world of metal and rock 'n' roll. You see the curious arrangement of his fingers of his left hand? You've probably seen that at concerts and pretty much everywhere there is guitar-based music. Yeah, Ronnie made it part of metal culture. It has origins in Italy, which is where you flash that symbol if you think someone's giving you the 'evil eye'. It's called many different names, but usually it's called the 'sign of the horns'. RJD has also performed with some of the biggest bands of all time: Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, his own band Dio and Heaven and Hell. If you haven't heard of at least 3 out of those 5, you fail. Ronnie is also famous for his huge and overpowering voice.

I visited the Ronnie James Dio site on November 25th, and immediately saw the latest news update:
''Ronnie James Dio has been diagnosed with stomach cancer.''

I couldn't believe it for a second. Then I got super pissed, then sad. I mean, listening to metal and rock 'n' rolll, we kind of assume that these guys have been around forever. Imagine if tomorrow the news was blazing with the headlines, 'Angus Young dies in plane crash'. If I believed in heaven, I would say 'heaven forbid', but I'll just say 'knock on wood' so that doesn't happen. Not only would an event like that be unexpected, but... it's hard to explain. For me, it would be like losing a parent. I mean, I grew up listening to this stuff, these guys are my idols. It would completely suck if something like that happens.

Fortunately, Ronnie's cancer was diagnosed very early on. The bad part is that he has stomach cancer, which is the second most deadly form of cancer, after lung cancer. But you know what, I'm not even remotely concerned in terms of fatality, because I know that Ronnie is just too badass and awesome to succumb to something like cancer. I'm 100% sure that Ronnie is going hand his cancer it's ass, and he's going to be back in no time to doing what he loves best.

Ronnie, our thoughts are with you. Slay this dragon they call cancer, we need you back on stage!!