Update (4/4/10):
As of May 21st, I am in a band called 'Detour Ahead'. Our schedule is really very busy, revolving around constant practices, rehearsals and gigs. I'm afraid that this website is not my highest priority at this time, but you can check us out (the band) here:

Detour Ahead's official site

Keep Rocking,


Welcome to my site. Here you will be able to find a lot on the subject of guitars, including:
  • tabs
  • lessons
  • reviews
  • useful links
Best of all, I won't beg you for your money. You can keep that and save it for later, when you'll be buying ridiculously overpriced tickets to see me on tour.

Let me give you some basic pointers:

1. When trying a guitar at a store, never play any of the following:
  • Smoke on the Water
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Crazy Train
  • Enter Sandman
2. You can repost, copy, etc. anything from my site, as long as I'm given credit.

3. I'm a one man army, updating this site when I have time. Don't email me every day asking for updates.

As for myself:

I generally play rock, blues and metal. Stuff like AC/DC, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, you know. I also like Van Halen, Joe Satriani, and Pink Floyd. You could say my music tastes are diverse.

I own two electrics, no acoustics.
Some days I prefer fixed bridges, sometimes tremolos.
I play with Ernie Ball Super Slinky .009 - .42 gauge strings, with Fender Heavy picks. Sound like someone famous?

Yeah. AC/DC is my favorite band. They were the first I heard, and will be the last. The song I want playing at my funeral is 'Highway to Hell'. I also think that one of the most important and creative guitarists of our time is the infamous:

Tom Morello. There are very few other musicians who have done as much for social justice than Tom Morello.

Speaking of Tom Morello....
I don't own any effects pedals, but I've always had a nagging urge to buy a Digitech Whammy.

My dream rig would be the following:

Amp 1(used with guitar 1):
  • Marshall JTM 45 amp head
  • Peavey 6505 4x12 straight cabinet
Amp 2 (used with guitar 2):
  • Marshall JTM 45 amp head
  • Marshall 1960 AV 4x12 straight cabinet

  • Dunlop Crybaby wah pedal
  • Digitech Whammy 4
  • Digitech TimeBender delay pedal
  • Eventide PitchFactor harmonizer pedal
Amps and Effects total: $4478.87 + tax

Guitar 1:
  • Ibanez RG3620Z Himalyan Black finish, with:
  • DiMarzio Air Norton neck humbucker, and
  • Seymour Duncan SH4 JB bridge humbucker
  • Bourns low-friction pots
Guitar 2:
  • 1964 Gibson SG Standard, Tune-o-Matic bridge with stopbar
  • Gibson '57 Classic neck humbucker (wax potted twice)
  • Gibson Burstbucker Pro IM59B bridge humbucker (wax potted twice)
Guitars total: $8253.16 + tax

TOTAL OVERALL RIG COST: $12,732.03 + tax

Yeah... My dream rig costs around 13 grand. If you'd like to donate, let me know.
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