Get the personal attention you need to crush the GMAT!

About Me

I scored in the 99th percentile on an official GMAT exam, and I have over a decade of experience tutoring various subjects for all academic levels. I will work with you to create a study plan customized to your strengths, weaknesses, schedule, goals, and and study habits.

Why hire a tutor?

GMAT test takers have many options to prepare for the GMAT. You may consider hiring a tutor if you identify with any of the following:

  • You do not feel that self-study will adequately prepare you to crush the GMAT.
  • You find it difficult to get yourself to study regularly, and feel that a little structure will go a long way.
  • You took a GMAT course and find that you are still lacking. You need a more customized approach.
  • You have a particular weakness that you would like to focus on.
In general, the advantages that private tutoring offers over self study, is that it provides an immediate explanation of whatever you do not understand, and a the structure necessary to study regularly and overcome your weaknesses.

The advantages it offers over a course is that with private tutoring, you will not waste time listening to an instructor repetitively explaining a concept you already understand to someone else, or on the flip-side, you will not find yourself trying to keep up with more advanced classmates.