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Empowering Students Through Reflection 
and Feedback

Student Self-Assessment and Reflection

A Collaborative Inquiry into Teaching and Learning for Deep Understanding: Guiding Questions
Student Reflection Sheet 2 

Prove It Student Reflection Sheet  Prove-It_2page.doc

Capacity Building Series- Student Self-Assessment

Weekly Reflection- How's It Going?

End of Year Writing Evaluation

Weekly progress sheet

Three Minute Buzz
  Three Minute Buzz.pdf

Reflection Pyramid 
 Reflection Pyramid.pdf

Reflecting on Bright Ideas 
 Reflecting on Bright Ideas.pdf

Student Reflection Sheet

Marzano's Classroom Instruction that Works and Web 2.0

Teacher and Student Feedback

Feedback That Fits (ASCD article, 12/07 by Susan M. Brookhart)

Feed Up, Back, Forward (Educational Leadership, ASCD, 11/09)

Design your own ways of collecting student feedback

Collecting student feedback- Start Stop Continue and Plus Delta strategies

Plus Delta classroom assessment technique

Cheer Cards

End of Year Student Feedback Form

How to foster student feedback

Feedback powerpoint

Teacher Behaviors Inventory (PDF)

Teacher Behaviors Inventory (Word)
  Teacher behaviors inventory.doc

Giving effective feedback on Student Writing 

Receiving and giving effective feedback

Collecting feedback from students  collectstfdback.pd

Providing learners with feedback  Providing_Learners_with_Feedback.pdf

Using technology for feedback and reflection

Teach with Technology- Student reflection tools 
(student blogs and voice threads)

Blogging as a learning journal (includes a list of question stems for reflection)

Reflections on using podcasting for student feedback 

Fostering Reflection and Metacognition Through Student Generated Podcasts

Do Blogs Help Students Learn? (includes section on reflection)

Students’ perception of using blogs as a tool for reflection and communication  ALT-CEdinburghCHAN.doc


Student Portfolios: Classroom Uses

Sample Student Portfolio Rubric

Electronic Portfolio Resources

Electronic Portfolios in the K-12 Classroom

Getting Started with Student Portfolios
Using Portfolios in the Classroom powerpoint 

About Portfolios

Student Portfolios
  Student Portfolios.doc

Portfolio Reflection Sheet 
 Portfolio Reflection Sheet Blank.doc

Portfolio Rubric and Scoring Tool

Portfolios for Student Growth Rubric

Student Portfolio Handbook
  Student Portfolio Handbook 05-06.doc

Student Portfolio Checklist
  Student Portfolio Checklist rev 3-2009.pdf

Creative Ways to Use Electronic Portfolios in the Classroom