• English only and Multi_language Version
  • Custom tweaked dGB ManU 2.1 HAVS AXI CFS Kernel (Optimised by Eviollet for dGB specifically)
  • Lockscreen Unlock Options Returned
  • 3-in-1 reboot menu
  • Returned to 15 step Volume due to PowerAmp issues
  • Memory Tweaks less aggressive

  • SU binary updated
  • Integrated ManU 2.1 HAVS-AXI-BFS
  • Volume stepping changed (Thanks LfcFan):
        5,  // STREAM_VOICE_CALL
        10,  // STREAM_SYSTEM
        7,  // STREAM_RING
        30, // STREAM_MUSIC
        10,  // STREAM_ALARM
  • ScrollingCache disabled for better app scrolling (Thanks LfcFan)
  • Duplicate Lockscreen menu items removed from InterfaceSettings
  • WallpaperPicker option removed from Long press > Wallpaper (FC's as no built in wallpapers)
  • MIUI Camera Added (Thanks Hadron)

Script based tweaks:
  • Tweaked TCP/IP Stack
  • Tweaked Memory (Dirty Data Behaviour)
  • Tweaked low memory values:
    FOREGROUND_APP:32, 8192
    VISIBLE_APP:64, 16384
    SECONDARY_SERVER:75, 19200
    HIDDEN_APP:90, 23040
    CONTENT_PROVIDER:100, 25600
    EMPTY_APP:120, 30720
  • Languages are making a come back - compiling this week.

  • Ported CM7 Lockscreens (rotary, ring etc)
  • Ported CM Phone in order to make above work
  • Port of CM7 VOIP module
  • SIP over 3G
  • Implemented Expandable RAM disk for market downloads

Look under Settings>Lockscreen Extras for new CMy7 Lockscreen stuff.

Before RAM disk, /cache was bound to /data/local so small cache partition could be used.  BUT you needed to keep enough free space to store the downloaded app before installation.  RAM disk means this is no longer necessary.  Now all but 15MB of /data can be used.

New Market Works.  No more work around of "chmod 777 /cache" required

Also note /system/etc/init.d/95havsvdd script. This sets Manu 1.4 havs voltage to 875 for 128mhz. If you get reboots when idle, edit this value higher in steps of 25

  •     Updated SurfaceFlinger in-line with the google 2.3.5 repository
  •     Smaller Latin IME keyboard (ROM under 60MB)
  •     Reduced font footprint without compromising specific non-alphanumeric characters
  •     New "cutting it fine" 60MB system Hboot created

  •     Added CM Power button screenshot
  •     re-added DroidSansFallback font (3.5MB) to fix non-alphanumeric character issues
  •     Changed btn_check_off.png to be visible on whit and black background
  •     Lightened notification backgrounds

  •     Fixed Video reccoring issue (libstagefright)
  •     Fixed Google Nav issue (Tts)

  •     Fixed Force close on Settings.apk (statsreceiver issue)
  •     Updated seek thumb in framework (see volume settings for example)
  •     Created dGB custom Hboot to aid in the installation process.