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electronic voting references

SYSTEMS   I started my research in e-voting reading papers on e-voting systems. These are the few that caught my attention. If you are interested in doing research on e-voting, these papers serve well as a starting point, then just follow the references and browse for other systems. I might add more as I stumble on interesting ones in the future.
VERIFICATION (Applied π-calculus)   And then I found a paper on verification of e-voting protocols using applied pi-calculus. Up to the moment, I am working in this domain with a group in the lab. The following are some papers on this topic.
  1. Analysis of an Electronic Voting Protocol in the Applied Pi Calculus. Steve Kremer and Mark Ryan. European Symposium on Programming '05.
  2. Verifying Properties of Electronic Voting Protocols. Stéphanie Delaune, Steve Kremer, and Mark Ryan. Workshop on Trustworthy Elections '06.
  3. Coercion-Resistance and Receipt-Freeness in Electronic Voting. Stéphanie Delaune, Steve Kremer, and Mark Ryan. Computer Security Foundations Workshop '06.
  4. Verifying privacy-type properties of electronic voting protocols. Stéphanie Delaune, Steve Kremer, and Mark Ryan. Journal of Computer Security '09.
  5. Election verifiability in electronic voting protocols. Steve Kremer, Mark Ryan, and Ben Smyth. European Symposium on Research in Computer Security '10.


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