Welcome to DFWLUG - celebrating the LEGO hobby in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!


Who are we?

Howdy! Founded in 2014, The Dallas/Fort Worth LEGO User Group is a diverse group of men and women passionate about the LEGO hobby! We have everyone from amateur hobbyists, set and minifig collectors, train enthusiasts, professional and semi-pro builders, TECHNIC and robotics experts, and even counselors who use LEGO bricks in therapy. We meet about 30 times a year including at our local LEGO stores where we have different creative themed building contests each month. We have displayed at and supported local AFOL conventions including Brick Fiesta, BrickUniverse, BRICK, and our own BrickConnection. We have also run contests and fundraising events for museums, educational institutions, and Scout councils. We enjoy giving back to the community through supporting various nonprofits including Creations for Charity and FairyBricks. We also do set drafts, parts trading, and have annual summer and Christmas parties. We have plenty of opportunities to get involved whether you’re a casual or serious fan of LEGO. We also strive to maintain an inclusive and family-friendly atmosphere at all of our meetings and events.

Can you help me, my club, or my group organize, run, or contribute to a LEGO event?

Possibly yes! We love to help nonprofits and do so free of charge whenever possible. There are various opportunities we have access to where we can also possibly reach out to the LEGO Group for support as well. We can also assist connecting for-profit businesses to trusted local LEGO artists and experts we have worked with or who are our members. If you're interested in this, please email our Ambassador Michael Bradford at michaelbradford [at] gmail [dot] com and include your name, title, phone number, organization, tax status, description of event, date/time/location of event, estimated number of attendees, how many people you're looking for to assist you, and other relevant details. We look forward to assisting wherever possible.

How do I join?

Membership in DFWLUG is free and currently open to adults (ages 18 and up). We have one simple membership requirement: Join us in person at a meeting or event. You're encouraged to bring something you've made or are currently making out of LEGO. We love to give constructive feedback (pun intended!). We meet around 30 times a year, so it's easy to join us. Check out our calendar toward the bottom to find meeting dates, times, and locations. Be sure to ask about being added to our closed email group at your first meeting and request a free RLUG (Recognized LEGO User Group) membership sticker for your LEGO VIP card (the card is free if you don't already have one) that entitles you to special discounts at various times in the year.

What benefits are there to joining?

There are many benefits to joining DFWLUG, not the least of which is an opportunity to connect with some local friendly LEGO fans! As a Recognized LEGO User Group (RLUG), there are many opportunities that LEGO provides us with, some of which we are happy to explain at your first meeting in-person with us. Some ways that LEGO has supported us recently include: bulk loose brick purchase opportunities at substantial discounts (LUGBULK), networking opportunities, special shopping events including exclusive sets, beta testing opportunities for online games, unique contests (usually done monthly) with prizes, opportunities for free LEGO sets and brick by participating at our various meetings and events, discount or free opportunities to participate in LEGO-themed conventions, and even opportunities to make money building LEGO models. You can read more about some of these benefits at http://lan.lego.com.

Come see us at:

Day 1 DallasJanuary 1, 2017 (Fair Park, Dallas, TX)

http://brickfiesta.comJune 29 - July 2. 2017 (Mesquite, TX)

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