Derek's Research Picture Gallery

Here are some of the more memorable pictures or graphs from my research papers or presentations.

Nanotube Images using POVRAY

A carbon nanotube p-n junction under illumination. While at Sandia Natl. Lab
I examined photocurrents in carbon nanotubes using a non-equilibrium
Green's function approach.

A slightly idealized version of a carbon nanotube field effect transistor
with a central region coated with an oxide layer.  Francois Leonard and I investigated
possible problems with punch-through in nanotube transistors in
a 2006 Nanotechnology paper.

This is a plot of the Fermi surface for fcc palladium viewed head on in the [100] direction in (a).  Three different bands cross the Fermi energy, given rise to three distinct Fermi surfaces. I investigated the Fermi surface of Palladium to learn more about the Kohn anomaly observed in the phonon dispersion for palladium.  You can find out more details in the open access New Journal of Physics paper.  The calculation was done using Quantum Espresso and the plot was put together with XCrysDens.