Daniel F. Mooney

Assistant Professor                                                                                      
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics                                                       
Colorado State University

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Bio & Interests

Daniel Mooney is an Assistant Professor and Extension Economist in Agricultural and Resource Economics at Colorado State University. His research and outreach interests in the area of applied microeconomics include:

--Household, farm, and firm-level decision-making

--Agricultural business management

--Production and supply analysis

--Technology evaluation and impact assessment

--Agriculture, resources, and the environment

He is currently focused on problems related to sustainable crop production, agricultural technology adoption, livestock enterprise management, and food systems development. At the undergraduate and graduate level, he teaches courses related to agricultural business management and applied production analysis. Prior to joining Colorado State University, he gained extensive experience in domestic and international agriculture through work and educational opportunities in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Michigan, Panama, and Ecuador.

Selected Publications

"Inconvenient truths about landowner (un)willingness to grow dedicated bioenergy crops" 2016. Choices 31(4) (B.L. Barham, D.F. Mooney, S.M. Swinton)

"How willing are landowners to supply land for bioenergy crops in the northern Great Lakes region?" 2016. Global Change Biology-Bioenergy, doi:10.1111/gcbb.12336 (S.M. Swinton, S. Tanner, B.L. Barham, D.F. Mooney, and T. Skevas)

"Inelastic and fragmented farm supply response for second-generation bioenergy feedstocks: Ex ante survey evidence from Wisconsin." 2015. Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy 37(2):287-310. (D.F. Mooney, B.L. Barham, and C. Lian)

"Ecosystem-service tradeoffs associated with switching from annual to perennial energy crops in riparian zones of the US Midwest." 2013. PLOS One 8(11):1-13. (T.D. Meehan, C. Gratton, E. Diehl, N.D. Hunt, D.F. Mooney, S. Ventura, B.L. Barham, and R.D. Jackson)

"Effect of dry matter loss on the profitability of outdoor storage of switchgrass." 2012. Biomass and Bioenergy 44:33-41. (D.F. Mooney, J.A. Larson, B.E. English, and D.D. Tyler)

"Cost evaluation of alternative producing, harvesting, storing, and transporting systems and their logistics in the southeastern USA." 2010. Agricultural Finance Review 70(2):184-200. (J.A. Larson, T.H. Yu, B.C. English, D.F. Mooney, and C. Wang)

"Yield and breakeven price of 'Alamo' switchgrass for biofuels in Tennessee." 2009. Agronomy Journal 101(5):1234-42. (D.F. Mooney, R.K. Roberts, B.C. English, D.D. Tyler, and J.A. Larson)


Agricultural Production and Cost Analysis (AREC 605, Spring 2018) 
Agricultural and Natural Resource Enterprise Analysis (AREC 305, Spring 2018)
Quantitative Methods in Economics and Management (at Beloit College, ECON 205, Fall 2015 & Spring 2016) 
Energy & Environmental Economics, (at Beloit College, ECON 251, Spring 2016)


Ph.D.         Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.S.           Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University
B.S.            Agricultural and Applied Economics University of Wisconsin-Madison

Selected Experience, Activities, & Awards

Thomsen Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2013-2014)
Research Associate, Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, The University of Tenessee-Knoxville (2007-2010)
Honorable Mention, Best M.S. Thesis, Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (2008)
Best M.S. Thesis, Department of Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics, Michigan State University (2007)
Peace Corps Volunteer, Agricultural Extension Agent, Republic of Panama (2002-2005)
Semester Abroad, University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago (2000)