The following theses are related to the DFG project Crowdsourcing. (Part of the) Results from the different theses are conducted within the project.

PhD theses

  • Steffen Schnitzer (ongoing)
  • Kathrin Borchert (ongoing)
  • Matthias Hirth: Modeling Crowdsourcing Platforms - A Use-Case Driven Approach, 2016

Topics of Master and Bachelor theses

  • Design of an Enterprise Crowdsourcing Platform through Requirements and Szenarios from the Industry, 2016 (ongoing)
  • Dynamic Pricing of Tasks in Location Based Crowdsourcing Platforms, 2016 (ongoing)
  • Analysis of Bandwidth Measurement Methods in mobile networks, 2016
  • Towards Similarity-Based Task Recommendation in Crowdsourcing Systems, 2016
  • Influence of Task Granularity on the Quality of Results in Crowdsourcing, 2016
  • Analysis of the Correlation between the Qualification of Crowdsourcing Workers and their Social Network Relationships, 2015
  • Estimating Worker Attention on Microtasking Platforms, 2015
  • Recommendation Systems in Crowdsourcing Platforms, 2014
  • User Centric Evaluation and Optimization of Cloud Storage Services using the Example of Dropbox, October 2013
  • Analyzing Trustworthiness and Qualification of Workers on Crowdsourcing Platforms, 2013
  • Implementation of a Crowdsourcing Platform Prototype for Mobile Applications, 2012