Homepage of Daniel F. Garrett

I am a Professor of Economics at Toulouse School of Economics.  My research interests are microeconomic theory and the theory of industrial organization.

Curriculum Vitae

`Bidding in a Possibly Common-Value Auction,'  with Yuk-fai Fong, Games and Economic Behavior, 70 (2), November 2010, 494-501.
`Managerial Turnover in a Changing World,' with Alessandro Pavan, Journal of Political Economy, 120 (5), October 2012, 879-925.

`Robustness of Simple Menus of Contracts in Cost-Based Procurement,' Games and Economic Behavior, 87, September 2014, 631-641 (early version here).
`Dynamic Managerial Compensation: A Variational Approach,' with Alessandro Pavan, Journal of Economic Theory, 159, September 2015, 775-818.  Supplementary material.
`Intertemporal price discrimination:  dynamic arrivals and changing values,' American Economic Review, 106, November 2016, 3275-3299 (winner of the Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Award; early version with price path and optimal mechanism here).

`Dynamic Mechanism Design:  Dynamic Arrivals and Changing Values,' Games and Economic Behavior, 104, July 2017, 595-612.

`Overbooking,' with Jeff Ely and Toomas Hinnosaar, Journal of the European Economic Association, 15, December 2017, 1258–1301.

`Residual Deterrence,' with Francesc Dilme, accepted at Journal of the European Economic Association (early version here and CEPR version here). 

`Competitive Screening under Heterogeneous Information', with Renato Gomes and Lucas Maestri, accepted at Review of Economic Studies (winner of the EARIE Young Economists' Essay Award; early version here).

Working papers 

`Robust Predictions of Dynamic Optimal Contracts' with Alessandro Pavan and Juuso Toikka.  Slides.


Work in progress                                                             

`Relational contracts:  Public versus private savings' with Francesc Dilme.