Homepage of Daniel Garrett

I am a Professor of Economics at the University of Essex. I was previously a Professor at Toulouse School of Economics, where I am currently an Associate Faculty member. I got my PhD from Northwestern in 2012.

I am a holder of an ERC Junior research grant (2017-2021; extended to August 2022) and an Associate Editor at the International Journal of Game Theory, the Journal of the European Economic Association, and the Review of Economic Studies. You can reach me at dfgarrett@gmail.com or at dg21984@essex.ac.uk.

Published papers

`Bidding in a Possibly Common-Value Auction,' with Yuk-fai Fong, Games and Economic Behavior, 2010, vol. 70, 494-501.

`Managerial Turnover in a Changing World,' with Alessandro Pavan, Journal of Political Economy, 2012, vol. 120, 879-925.

`Robustness of Simple Menus of Contracts in Cost-Based Procurement,' Games and Economic Behavior, 2014, vol. 87, 631-641.

`Dynamic Managerial Compensation: On the Optimality of Seniority Based Schemes,' with Alessandro Pavan, Journal of Economic Theory, 2015, vol. 159, 775-818.

`Intertemporal Price Discrimination: Dynamic Arrivals and Changing Values,' American Economic Review, 2016, vol. 106, 3275-3299 (winner of Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Award).

`Dynamic Mechanism Design: Dynamic Arrivals and Changing Values,' Games and Economic Behavior, 2017, vol. 104, 595-612.

`Overbooking,' with Jeff Ely and Toomas Hinnosaar, Journal of the European Economic Association, 2017, vol. 15, 1258-1301 (Editor's Choice Collection of JEEA).

`Residual Deterrence,' with Francesc Dilme, Journal of the European Economic Association, 2019, vol. 17, 1654-1686.

`Competitive Screening under Heterogeneous Information,' with Renato Gomes and Lucas Maestri, Review of Economic Studies, 2019, vol. 86, 1590-1630 (winner of the EARIE Young Economists Essay Award).

`Fake Sales: A Dynamic Pricing Perspective,' Japanese Economic Review, 2019, vol. 70, 375-382 (special issue of the APIOC).

`Payoff Implications of Incentive Contracting,' Theoretical Economics, 2021, vol. 16, 1281-1312 (winner of ESEM Award for best applied paper by a young economist).

`Oligopoly Under Incomplete Information: On the Welfare Effects of Price Discrimination,' with Renato Gomes and Lucas Maestri, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2021, vol. 79, 102735.

Working papers

`Optimal Technology Design' with George Georgiadis, Alex Smolin and Balazs Szentes. Risk-averse case.

`Relational Contracts: Public versus Private Savings' with Francesc Dilme. Online Appendix; R&R at Econometrica.

`A Dynamic Theory of Random Price Discounts' with Francesc Dilme; R&R at Review of Economic Studies.

`Robust Predictions in Dynamic Screening' with Alessandro Pavan and Juuso Toikka.

`Ready to Trade? On Budget-Balanced Efficient Trade with Uncertain Arrival'.