People Behind It


   Kate is a high school teacher in Taiwan who loves chick flicks and enjoys Jane Austen; is crazy about Rock music but also appreciates the quietness of solitude.  Dreams big and still believes in the power of Miracle.  Honored to be a part of this project. Currently spreading the I-Can bug in Taiwan! :)  Love & Peace!




• 上官良治 Liang ShangKuan -- Liang is a timid fat guy who subconsciously likes to draw people's attention (a child actor starring in a child program for 3 years in primary school years and the coordinator of Cabaret in college). He is utterly an otaku that determines to lose weight from 95 kg to 75 kg due to health concern.


• 陳柏維 Jasper Chen --
Graduating from English Dept,NTNU, Jasper now work as a English teacher, a translator, and sometimes an interpretor. He participated in MUN conferences several times and received one Best Diplomacy Award and one Oral Recognition. He likes traveling, playing tennis, volleyball, ping-pong, chess and Go chess, and tons of others. A lefty.   


Contestants Communication

• 張慶忠 Jeff -- Jeff is a bachelor of Business Administration, Chinese Culture University. 

                                                Contestants Communication
 Annabel --
                                                Annabel is in charge of the contact of 
school teachers in Taiwan, judges, and sponsorship.


Contestants Communication
王藝婷  Trinity Wang, a bachelor of Psychology Dept, FJU. 
She likes sunshine and all kinds of animal. She feels meaningful if other people feel touched or happy because of her presence. An Aquarius who is full of ideas and embraces liberty. Her biggest dream is to be able to communicate with animals and travel around the world.

                                                Public Relations & Funding

郭紀賢 Kaye, Bachelor of NCCU
                                        Kaye deems herself as a grateful
                                        person, believing that it is more
                                        blessed to give than receive.
                                        She is studying for a mater's degree 
                                        at present. 


葉筱雯Lily Yeh, Bachelor of English Dept., NTNU

She likes to be touched by the animation films in theater, likes to have afternoon tea with close friends, likes to go shopping to feel herself again, likes to read novels that require no effort to comprehend, likes translation and linguistics, and likes the refined texts, the interesting descriptions, and the profound implications in picture books for kids!

                                Tech Support
                       曾獻群 Sam Tseng 
                    Sam is currently a TIARA 
Performance Computing 
                    Specialist, p
roviding tech support.

Special Thanks to 

   許嘉祐 Chiayu Hsu、許瀚元 Hank Hsu
 Rammy Hsu - members of Levon Band.

    Levon writes and sings the Official Theme Song in Taiwan

                                        Art Design
                                           高樹邦 Andy Kao
                                                   Andy designed the official logo
                                                   and is in charge of the artistic

Art Design

   陳志鴻 Jerry Chen 
   Jerry is the Creativity Chief of Pelican Design Studio, in
  charge of graphic design.


鄭家鐘 Simon Cheng
Simon Cheng was the President of China Television Company and the CEO of Chun Tien Television previously. He was formerly the Chief Editor and the CEO of Commercial Times as well as the CEO of China Times Internet Technology Company.  

李應平 Lee, Ying-Ping
Chief Executive Officer of Lung Yingtai Foundation
She cares for the development of cultural environment and the shaping of civil society, sucessfullly advocating many cultral policies as well as the related laws and regulations thanks to her abundant experiences working in public and private sectors.

Paul Hayden 
An international lawyer, working in Asia for over 25 years
He devotes himself to a more efficient cooperation among peoples of diverse backgrounds.