Efficient implementations of cryptography
  • RELIC is a modern cryptographic meta-toolkit with emphasis on efficiency and flexibility. RELIC can be used to build efficient and usable cryptographic toolkits tailored for specific security levels and algorithmic choices.
  • TinyPBC implementation of authenticated key agreement for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs).
  • gls254 implementation of GLS254 binary elliptic curve for benchmarking on eBACS.
 Security analysis of the Brazilian voting machines

  • International press coverage: Ars Technica recently ran a piece on e-voting around the world, ZDNet has additional details.

 Crowdsourced integrity verification of election results


 Lightweight cryptography for IoT

  • Implementation of Fantomas on Intel processors.

Strong/end-to-end encryption policy debate

  • International press coverage: Search Security published an interview regarding the international encryption debate.

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