Welcome to the DFA Cromwell-B

The Delta Freedom Alliance (DFA) territories can be likened to the American Wild West, or the Alpha quadrant during the time of James T. Kirk.  You will never know who or what you will meet next in the Borderlands that is the DFA.
The DFA territories cover a large area, nearly equal in size to the Romulan holdings, which reside on one side the DFA's border. But, the territory is not as large as the United Federation of Planets holding within the Delta Quadrant (DQ), from which the DFA broke away due to Starfleet's increasingly Militaristic and Colonial stances taken within the Delta Quadrant. 
The DFA is more of a confederation with a few member planets, but a large territory with independent planets within the territory.  What makes the DFA Territories somewhat more unique than other areas controlled by empires and other races is that Neutral parties are allowed free passage through the territories.  DFA ships patrol and log contacts, but one never knows who, or what, they will meet.
The reason the DFA territories are more open comes from the freedom of choice with the DFA.  Races are allowed to choose whether to become member states of the DFA, or remain independent within the territories.  One does not hear of "free states" or "Free Planets" within UFP controlled areas, and RSE Imperial law does not recognize this within Romulan controlled territories.  There are numerous races within the DFA Territories, some may still be awaiting discovery, other may be neutral or openly hostile.  Openly hostile planets are watched, blockaded or even attacked if the situation warrants it.  (The Nal'Gaharay Planet, harboring terrorists, was attacked by the combined DFA forces in 2413)
This open territory does create difficulties.  As an example, slavery is banned on DFA Member worlds.  It is possible to find slave planets within the territories, although transportation to and from them is still considered illegal.  Commerce, trade, resource acquisition is loosely regulated within the territories.  Smuggling through the territories is probably the greatest problem.
Member worlds are held to a high standard.  The ideals of the UFP at it's inception are what are strived for.  The multicultural approach is the goal and the standard, but like all new organizations and governments, has it's inherent problems.  Even the UFP had problems with animosities between Andorians and Vulcans initially.  The DFA realizes this and works to improve.  They are not perfect, and admit to it. 
Not every situation can be resolved peacefully.  A faction of sentient beings from the DQ are adamant that no AQ species settle in the DQ, and seek to drive them out.  The Nal'Gaharay terrorists are able to hide within the DFA Territories, and attack throughout the DQ, and remain a constant threat to all AQ species.  A recent combined forces DFA attack on the Nal'G planet within DFA space has splintered Nal'G cohesion, largely removing organized terrorist resistance with the DFA, but sub cells now operate independently.  The larger threat has been neutralized, although smaller, no less deadly threats remain. The DFA has to remain vigilant.
DFA officers are expected to uphold the high expectations that Starfleet officers had during the time of captain Kirk.  And like Kirk, DFA officers have a bit more 'freedom' to accomplish tasks for the good of the DFA, than their Starfleet counterparts.
The condescending attitude of Starfleet, scheming Romulans on the borders, smugglers in transit.  Conflict and differences of opinion are to be expected.  Shifting alliances occur, keeping DFA officers on their toes.
Do you have what it takes to be a DFA officer and uphold the values of freedom of the DFA?


Command Crew

Commanding Officer

Fleet Captain Carson Sesgaard
Played by Devon

Executive Officer


Lt Colonel Michael Reynolds
DFA Marine Corp
Played by Randy

DFA History

Year after year the Federation had become increasingly more militant. Over time this once peaceful and noble organization had deteriorated into nothing more than a xenophobic warmonger. Exploration and discovery no longer held Federation interest- this boundless tyrant now strove for what can only be described as 'absolute control'... political control over it's member body, and military control over those who would pose a threat. All other objectives are secondary, and no means seem too harsh for the modern Federation.
The spirit of the Federation had been lost... but there were those who swore that it would be regained. On stardate 2401.09.10, two Starfleet officers rebelled. These officers were Commodore Tony Dark and Commander Lorith of Starbase Phoenix. Originating with the theft of the U.S.S. Warchief the rebel cause quickly gained a devoted following. These followers worked together under the original Federation flag, and the temporary union of the Rebel Alliance, led by Dark and Lorith, the commanders of the U.S.S. Warchief... which was rechristened the RSS Cromwell.
Time passed, and the rebel cause grew, attracting those who were dissatisfied with the Federation. Some had lost loved ones, some were weary of war and aggressive politics, and there were others who had hidden agendas, to bring the sides together or split them further apart. Many battles were fought, and tensions on both sides grew as each had more reason to distrust the other. Four and a half years later, with the Cardassians threatening the Federation, another chapter would be written in the rebel history.
With war knocking on the Federation doorstep, a hand of friendship was extended to the rebels. But not by the Federation- by Devu II, a planet who had decided that their goals no longer squared with it's former Federation protectors. On Stardate 2406.5.17, an historic pact was struck between Devu and the rebels... and the Delta Freedom Alliance was born.